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Which one is better, Triumph or Harley?

There are choices in life that most of the time are a coinflip. Two sides perfectly separated where someone sooner or later would have to take part...

Bonneville Kit

Tamarit Motorcycles always aims to embrace as many as modern classic bikes and styles as possible, and the versatile and multi-use Triumph Bonneville...

How to make a Cafe Racer bike?

The collective and legend for the motorcycle self-customization began probably with the Café Racer style in England, halfway through the last...

Tamarit Showroom

A side of our jobs that we truly love is to show our finished projects to the community, a way of meeting new people that may approach to take a look...

Tyres for Bonneville

You can find now in our online shop several parts and accessories from other brands and suppliers. Basically you can find in our shop 95% of the...

Bonneville Speedometer

The Bonneville Speedometer, even if it doesn't seem like it, is a very important part when it comes to modify a Moder Classic motorcycle. A lot of...

Tyres for Thruxton

Now in our online shop you can find parts from other dealers, following our company philosophy, which is always trying to include parts installed on...

Café Racer bike sketches

A very important part during the first steps of our projects is the sketch work part. Those are meant to show the clients an accurate idea of how...

Second hand Triumph Scrambler

Some of the people that follow us on social media eventually ask us if we can sell them a second hand motorcycle. The question always goes like : "Do...

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