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The fever for the Modern Classics motorcycles does not stop, and one of the questions that every motorcycle lover ever asks himself is what bike to buy. There are many factors that influence the purchase decision, being one of them, usually, the use that will be given. Today we bring you to the blog two of the most popular models of recent years, the Honda CB1100 EX and the Triumph Thruxton 1200 R, two motorcycles that seek to be competitive in performance while offering the essence of classic motorcycles, rescuing the DNA of the mythical CB Four and Bonnie respectively of the memory chest.


General Specs

Both motorcycles require license A to be driven and have a bare side of fairings. These two naked Modern Classics ones have more differences in terms of their foundation than it may seem at first glance. While the Honda CB1100 EX is more designed for comfortable driving, with smooth gears, and almost exploration, the Thruxton is the top of the range of a line of motorcycles, the Thruxton, which brings together a host of high performance features, such as those we will see next. On the other hand, it should be noted the weight difference that both motorcycles have, since the Honda weighs 260 kg, 60 more than the Thruxton R, in addition to being more bulky. Another of the most remarkable things is that the Thruxton, like all the new generation Triumph, is liquid cooled, while the Honda still uses air cooling.





In the engine section, we find that the Thruxton R is slightly more powerful than the Honda, which still manages to deliver a power of 89 hp with a displacement of 1140 cc, for the 97 horsepower and 1200 cc presented by the Triumph Thruxton 1200 R. With regard to the torque, the Honda reaches more than meritorious 91 Nm at 5,000 rpm, which makes it very versatile in different areas. The Thruxton R, for its part and with its commitment to the sportier use, offers 112 Nm at 4,950 rpm.





The equipment is the section where there are more differences between these two models of beautifully finished motorcycles. The Triumph Thruxton R comes technologically very well fitted, which is even more noteworthy considering that its weight is not excessive. Electronically very advanced with respect not only to the Honda but to all its competitors, the Thruxton incorporates traction control, three driving modes (Road, Sport and rain) and electronic throttle, in addition to exclusivities such as a Showa 43/120 inverted fork, Four-piston Brembo or Ohlins 120 mm multi-adjustable. For its part, the Honda, although less equipped, assembles its own ABS braking system, a double exhaust, a 21 / 107mm telehydraulic fork and 114mm x2 shock absorbers.



#22 JULINA, a Triumph Thruxton R customized by Tamarit Motorcycles ?



The price, of course, is affected by the benefits of each. Thus, the Triumph Thruxton 1200 R goes up to € 16,300 in its basic configuration, while the Honda CB1100 EX can be found from € 13,499.

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