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If a few weeks ago we put in front of the blog two titans of the Modern Classics motorcycles like the Yamaha XSR900 and the Triumph Bonneville 120T, this time we will face this pearl of the Japanese brand with the equivalent of Triumph in the family of the Thruxton, the Thruxton 1200 R, a model that further enhances the attributes of its predecessor. Lets see where these two motorcycles are next.


General Specs

First, due to its difference in price and concept, these are two bikes whose comparison may seem uneven at first. It is this difference in the concept of these two motorcycles, which indiscriminately require an A license to be ridden, which will help us to opt for one or the other, regardless of other considerations. While the Yamaha is designed for urban and sports use, with an adjusted price and correct performance, the Thruxton 1200 R is designed as the icing on the cake, a motorcycle that feels perfect on the road, with unmatched technological features and equipment in a neoclassical, which logically reflects its cost.





More oriented to the sports part, we find that the Yamaha XSR900 offers 115 horsepower with a displacement of 847 cc, while the Thruxton motorcycle, with 1200 cc, reaches 97 hp but has a maximum torque of 117 Nm, for the 87 Nm of the Japanese brand motorcycle. Thus, the Yamaha reaches a higher maximum power, while the Triumph Thruxton R can respond more smoothly and effectively in intermediate sections, by passing less revolutions and demanding less from the motorcycle.





As we mentioned earlier, it is in the equipment of the motorcycle where we find the most pronounced differences between both bikes, since the Triumph is fitted with top-notch new generation elements of the most reputed brands in each facet: Brembo calipers in the front, Nissin in the rear, Showa shock absorbers in the front and a fully adjustable Ohlins double fork in the rear. Otherwise, both are liquid-cooled and have an ABS braking system.



#47 INFECTED, a Triumph Thruxton 1200 R built by Tamarit Motorcycles ?



With almost € 6,000 of difference, due to the disparity between benefits and uses referred to, we can find new models of the Yamaha XSR900 from € 10,499, while the Thruxton R of Triumph goes up to € 16,300 in its basic setup.

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