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The bikes admit numerous accessories that not only make them more versatile but also give us the option of being able to acquire almost the same comforts that we would have with other means of transportation.


Triumph Saddlebags


The main drawback that bikers have when they decide to use their motorcycles for long distances is the ability to carry luggage with them. But this is something that has an easy solution, since in the current market there are a wide variety of accessories that will help you increase the storage capacity of your motorcycle. Among these options, we can highlight the role of saddlebags for Triumph Bonneville.


Saddlebag Features for Triumph Bonneville

Whether you use your motorcycle for long-distance crossings or if you use it on short daily commutes, luggage bags or saddlebags will play a fundamental role and will allow you to fit the capacity of your motorcycle to any type of need. Triumph Bonneville saddlebags are luggage bags that are attached to the sides of the bike, either hooked under the subframe or on the footrests. It is important that they are properly installed as potholes may occur during the journey that could cause them to come loose.




They must be the appropriate size for the motorcycle where they are going to be installed and be well adjusted so that they do not cover the area of the leaks since they could burn from contact. The materials must also be of good quality to withstand inclement weather, the most commonly used is leather. The incorporation of a handle or external pockets is an extra when it comes to storing small objects and for portability.


Saddlebags for Triumph Bonneville by Tamarit Motorcycles

The Tamarit saddlebags consist of a leather bag to place on the side of the bike and a saddlebag support for Triumph Bonneville. Thanks to which it is possible to install them on all Bonneville models of both the old and new generations. The saddlebags are available in black or brown leather and have measurements of 35×30 centimeters. For the installation of the saddlebags, it will only be necessary to place the support on the left side of the motorcycle by means of the anchorages prepared for it, which are located behind the footrest and on the upper screw of the shock absorber.

All our pieces are made from high quality materials and in the case of the side bag, natural leather and 3mm thick black iron have been used entirely in its supports. Within the Tamarit catalog you will find saddlebags for the old generation Bonneville and saddlebags for the new generation of the Bonneville model. In the case of installing the support in the new generation models, it will be necessary to have a license plate support like the one you can buy when you buy our elimination kit or the Ibiza seat.