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Many of the customers who come to Tamarit Motorcycles to carry out an exclusive project do not have their own motorcycle, so sometimes we must go to the second-hand market in order to get one – the ideal motorcycle model that serves as the basis for each makeover. This process aims to reduce the acquisition costs of the motorcycle, allowing to invest the maximum in the customization of the motorcycles. We do not sell second-hand motorcycles but finished projects, such as those of triumph thruxton 900 second hand that so well reflect the modern classic style of Cafe Racer Thruxton. The Modern Classics category of the English brand Triumph is a good purchase option in the second-hand market, since it is a motorcycle with great durability and quality.


Characteristics of the Triumph Thruxton 900 second hand

On some occasions, customers come to us with motorcycles just out of the dealership, but we think that the best option for both the customers and us is to buy a Triumph Thruxton 900 motorcycle in the second-hand market that allows you to modify and restore each of the parts. In addition, all Tamarit projects are delivered fully functional and with a previous check and  build of the engine, so that our customers just have to get on their new motorcycle and enjoy the ride.



#21 HAWKERS ONE, a Triumph Thruxton 900 built by Tamarit Motorcycles ?


With this model, the British brand Triumph goes a step further in the creation of motorcycles oriented to the most classic styles. It has a twin-cylinder engine in parallel 4t air-cooled, a capacity of 865cc, engine power of 68 hp and a curb weight of 230 kg. The used Triumph Thruxton 900 has a total length of 2,150 mm, a wheelbase of 1490 mm and 820 mm of seat height. In addition, as for the suspension, the motorcycle incorporates a telescopic fork Kayaba 41/120 mm that allows adjusting it according to our needs.


Price of the used Triumph Thruxton 900

The Thruxton 900 is the timeless model of the Modern Classic that best represents the Café Racer spirit, and has been on the market for around 15 years. When Tamarit Motorcycles began to carry out customized projects of classic motorcycles, the new Thruxton 900 cost around 12 thousand euros. Now, it is possible to find a used Triumph Thruxton for about 8,800 euros. Finding the right price is essential for the final cost of our projects, since saving money in this part will allow us to invest in the inclusion of new parts and components, improving the appearance and functionality of the motorcycle. The customization possibilities of this type of bikes are very high, so there is a wide range of motorcycles for this cause. The market for the second hand Triumph Thruxton 900 Barcelona is one of the largest, where you can find a variety of opportunities to get this classic model so characteristic of the British brand.




How to adapt a second-hand Triumph Thruxton 900 to your style

The great advantage that the second-hand Triumph Thruxton 900cc includes is its superior road performance, that differentiates it from the rest of the members of the same range. Anyway, you can always adapt your used Triumph Thruxton 900 to your riding style or the scenario in which you are going to ride. For this, you can include in the build more aesthetic cutting elements such as a brown racer seat or semi-handlebars that lean your riding position. On the other hand, you can opt for a motorcycle more intended for daily use, placing a comfortable seat for two people and a handlebar that has a more comfortable and upright position. The Triumph Thruxton 900 second hand will be a great choice regardless of the use you are going to give it, leaving at your choice the elements that you will want to incorporate in your personal makeover project carried out together with Tamarit Motorcycles.

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