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At Tamarit we are not dedicated to selling second-hand motorcycles, but it is true that many of our clients do not have an initial motorcycle to transform a Tamarit motorcycle project. Due to this and our specialization in motorcycles Triumph, on many occasions we must carry out this process for the benefit of our clients. Despite this exception, we are not a dealer or have anything to do with the British motorcycle brand.

Due to our specialization in the Modern Classics range of the English brand, we must go to the second-hand market to find the motorcycles that best fit our projects. This is the case of the Triumph t120 bonneville second hand. This iconic model has a timeless style that makes it ideal for customizing an exclusive project. In addition, these motorcycles are usually small jewels that are very well cared for by their owners, which makes them a perfect option in the second-hand market.


Characteristics of the second-hand Triumph Bonneville T120

In our case, the Triumph Bonneville we acquire are always part of a full makeover project. We are presented with three possible transaction scenarios.

The first case is to buy a second-hand triumph bonneville t120 motorcycle from the customer and sell the transformed motorcycle to him. Another second option would be that the customer has already purchased this second-hand motorcycle and we proceed to completely transform it. The last case, also the least common, is that at Tamarit Motorcycles we have a project already completed and put up for sale.



#35 CARLOTA, a Bonneville T120 modified by Tamarit Motorcycles ?


We act as a bridge between our clients, who obtain a unique motorcycle, and a series of trusted individuals or dealers who have compatible motorcycles with our parts at an affordable price.


Aspects to consider: Triumph Bonneville T120 second hand

This will depend a lot on whether you are going to make a subsequent modification or not, since in the case of leaving it as it is purchased, it is necessary that the paint and the exterior fittings are in as good condition as the engine. For Tamarit this facet is not so important, since our projects are painted again with exclusive designs that we create for our clients’ motorcycles. The bikes we buy are restored from the paint to the engine.




Buying a modern classic motorcycle like the used Triumph Bonneville T120 is a good option, since the owners of these motorcycles are usually people who usually put the motorcycles to good use and keep them in good condition.


Price of the second-hand Triumph Bonneville T120

Within the Bonneville range, there are two different models: the bonneville t120 and the bonneville t120 black. If you go to buy a new Triumph Bonneville T120 from home, the price is set from 12,900 thousand euros, but in the second-hand market you can find it for a price of around 9,800 euros. On the other hand, you can also get a used Triumph Bonneville T120 black for the same price range. In the case of wanting to carry out a transformation with this motorcycle, it is essential to find the right price since it will influence the total cost of the project, and the savings from this operation can be used to include new parts or fittings to improve the appearance or functionality of the bike.

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