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Biker Tips

Biker Tips

The best Flat Track bikes

  There is something that cannot be denied, the Flat Track style has come back and done it to stay. Many riders of the motorcycling world championship use the Flat Track as complementary training, which…
17 de January de 2022
Biker Tips

Dirt Track wheels

Tires are one of the most important parts of any type of vehicle. The wheels of motorcycles must be responsible for providing the necessary safety while driving. The features of this element will depend on…
9 de January de 2022
Biker Tips

Steps to customize a bike

Some people are always looking to have a certain distinction in what they do or what they carry, get out of the conventional and separate from the rest of the community through small but subtle…
16 de September de 2020
Biker Tips

Ohlins shock absorber

In every realm of consumer goods, there is always a benchmark brand when it comes to quality and performance. Whether due to marketing strategy or a reputation built over the years, consistently delivering the top…
15 de May de 2020
Biker Tips

Café Racer shops

The cafe racer style has been among riders for many decades. Since its first appearance in the 1960s this aesthetic has been evolving and today it continues to be a great presence in the world.…
3 de May de 2020
Biker Tips

Kinds of custom motorcycles

Custom bikes popularly refers to a muscular bike, with a total absence of fairings and tires, and a tough guy driving it. Loud and aggressive ornaments many times related to the American biker concept, these…
16 de October de 2019