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On some occasions, importing motorcycles can be a good option for those who consider buying a model that is not marketed in Spain or with some additions that are not yet available in our territory. Surely you will have seen cheap motorcycles from other countries that may seem like a possible purchase option, but first you should consider everything that involves registering a foreign motorcycle in Spain. You will have to carry out a few steps that will not only take you time but also money. So the best thing is that you calculate if it is worth doing the procedure for the difference in the purchase price.


Registering foreign motorcycle in Spain: pass the ITV

When working with premium motorcycles as in the case of Triumph motorcycles, many times if you want to acquire a very specific model you must resort to importing these motorcycles. But is it really worth it? Well, it does not always compensate for that price difference.

To import a motorcycle into Spain, it is essential that it can pass the ITV like any other vehicle. And in this first step is where the importance of the homologation certificate stands out, the main thing is to know whether or not the motorcycle has European homologation, which will change the level of difficulty of the process.




If the motorcycle comes from a country belonging to the European Union, it will not be difficult to carry out the ITV inspection. On the other hand, if the bike comes from the United States, some modifications may have to be made in order to overcome this first phase.

In the case of having a European homologation, the procedure is facilitated and you only have to present the technical sheet, the sales contract and pay the corresponding fees. If everything matches the data on the file, you will have no major problems.

On the other hand, if the motorcycle does not have European approval, to register a foreign vintage café racer in Spain you must obtain an individual approval password. This will make the process more expensive and will make it more difficult. In this way the homologation price can be expensive up to 1000 euros on average.

There may even be a third case, that the vehicle has a national approval password. This situation occurs with older model vehicles that were manufactured before the creation of the European Union but that are less than 25 years old. In this case, if the model has a homologation equivalent in Spain, it will be a much easier process. If it does not have a national equivalent, as in the previous case, an individual homologation will have to be carried out, which will make the process more expensive.

Once the approval process has been solved, you must go to the nearest ITV with the technical file and the sales contract. If everything goes well, you can go to the next step: register the motorcycle.


Taxes and fees for registering a foreign motorcycle in Spain

When you have passed the ITV, the next thing you should know is how to register a foreign motorcycle in Spain. This phase is much easier since you only have to pay the fees corresponding to the type of motorcycle imported. Through form 576 of the Tax Agency, you must pay the Registration Tax, whether it is a new or second-hand foreign motorcycle. If it is a motorcycle with a capacity of less than 250 cc, you will not have to pay anything since they are exempt from paying this tax.

If you are within the payment parameter of the Registration Tax, the amount you must pay will vary depending on the environmental setup of your motorcycle. In addition, there are different regulations that vary depending on each Autonomous Region. With this first tax already paid, you must go with it to the City Council where you reside to pay the Circulation Tax, whose price will be different in each municipality.




The main tax to pay is the motorcycle registration but it is not the only one, there are also others. If you have bought the motorcycle in the European Union, you will have to pay VAT if it is new or the Property Transfer Tax if it is a second-hand motorcycle and you have bought it from a private person. In any case, if you make the transaction through a company, regardless of whether the Triumph bike is new or not, you will always pay VAT. In addition, if the motorcycle comes from a country outside the European Union, you will not only have to pay VAT but also at customs.

The last step for importing the motorcycle can be done through the internet on the DGT website or by personally approaching an office of the Traffic Headquarters. But, how much does it cost to register a foreign motorcycle in Spain? Registration fees have a cost close to 90 euros and in the case of mopeds will have to pay 25 euros.


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