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There is something that cannot be denied, the Flat Track style has come back and done it to stay. Many riders of the motorcycling world championship use the Flat Track as complementary training, which has achieved a true discipline with the creation of different official championships in our country, such as the Spanish Cup of Flat Track and the Superprestigio Dirt Track.

As a consequence, Flat Track bikes have been adapted not only for the competition mode but the rise of this current has brought the Flat Track style to our cities with off-road style setups.


Features of Flat Track motorcycles

If you know the Flat Track dirt bike discipline, you may have seen it associated with the Dirt Track. Well, they are the same. The term Dirt Track, name by which this specialty is known in the California area, is perhaps the best known in Europe, while in the United States the concept of Flat Track bikes is more entrenched.

To know the characteristics of Flat Track motorcycles you must take into account a few things. With the Dirt Track motorcycles two different specialties are made, the races that are played in the oval track entirely and the TT races that are performed both on the oval track and on an interior route with jumping areas.


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Bearing in mind its very marked off-road character, its characteristics closest to the competition focus on a minimalist style with the lack of elements such as fenders, side fairings or domes – Always with the intention of looking for a structure as aerodynamic as possible. In addition, for tires, some with a lot of drawing and 19-inch wheels are usually used. As for the engine, it will vary according to the length of the circuit, usually a two-cylinder engine of up to 750 cc is used for one-and-a-half mile races and engines of up to 450 cc for short Flat Track motorcycle tours.


Makeovers for Flat Track bikes

The Flat Track style has not been reduced to racing alone, but has been reflected in roads and cities. More and more brave people who dare to enjoy this style of modern classics motorcycles that adapt perfectly to any type of circumstance, creating unique works to ride along the road or outside it. These constructions are characterized by more aggressive lines and the inclusion of riskier elements.

Depending on the model with which the makeover of Flat Track motorcycles is split, the first thing we must achieve is to lower the height of the motorcycle with the reduction of the rear shock absorber and the front forks. The tires are an essential part of this off-road style, so we need to fit our motorcycle with larger-profile tires, such as those you can see on the motorcycle of project # 46 of the Tamarit garage. To get a top project like this, you must also adapt the rear fender to give it a small inclination like the old Flat Track bikes.




That the chassis is adjusted to the axis of the wheels, is another of the key modifications to adopt a style faithful to the bikes of this discipline. So depending on the base model, you must cut the chassis as much as possible without exceeding the rear wheel axle and adapt a final curve to incorporate the rear lights and indicators. To make a Flat Track motorcycle transformation, the ideal is that we start from the base of a motorcycle as close to the off-road style.


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