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The modern classic motorcycles are marked by a strong retro style kept in all their elements. At first glance and with the aim of serving as the common thread of the style line, the color of the Triumph thruxton motorcycles has great specific weight in their appearance. Due to the importance of the Triumph Thruxton colors, every year new combinations come out that replace the previous ones and refresh the modern classics motorcycles.



Triumph Thruxton colors

The Thruxton range stands out for the combination of a more detailed and aggressive design. This characteristic style and unmatched performance make this sports bike the ultimate café racer.

As mentioned, the British brand Triumph unveils new colors every year. These shades replace the previous ones with the idea that every year different motorcycles come out in series, at least in regard of the colors.


Triumph Thruxton 1200cc


In the case of the Triumph Thruxton R, a new color called “Competition green” replaces the matte black option. The name of this new color addition is due to the fact that it is a color similar to that used in the old Triumph competition motorcycles. It is a dark green color that, within the Triumph Thruxton colors, provides a great contrast in combination with the metallic colors of the forks, rims, etc. Currently, other colors that are strong within the catalog of the English brand are “Crystal White” and “Jet Black” (black and white), which replace “Diablo Red” (red). These purer shades of black and white seek to provide that more sober and elegant touch that characterizes some vintage-style motorcycle projects. And continuing in this line, we have the “Silver Ice” color, that perfectly mimics the metallic tone of the bike’s own material and that can provide a more uniform feeling in makeovers with the rest of the metallic details.




And if we talk about the Triumph Thruxton colors, we cannot ignore the current colors of the Triumph Thruxton 1200. In this version, the “Pure White” option is replaced by a much riskier color, “Korosi Red”. The latest red color of the British brand creates a contrast that highlights all the most aggressive and competitive lines of this motorcycle model. This color is accompanied by the previously mentioned “Competition green” and “Jet Black”. The colors for which the English brand Triumph is committed evoke those who wore the first competition motorcycles, inspiration of the current Thruxton bikes.


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