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At nightfall it is not only important that we see the road well, but it is essential that the rest of the drivers can identify us through the traffic that often makes the motorcycles go unnoticed by its small size. Headlights plays a fundamental role at this point and will allow us to move fluently and safely.

According to the regulations, the use of them is mandatory, along other optional lights that you should know. But to adapt to these requirements you should not give up the marked Modern Classic style of your motorcycle, as in the case of the vintage Triumph motorcycle parts for Thruxton, since you can find many options to get the Thruxton headlight that best suits the concept of style of your motorcycle.


4 kinds of Thruxton headlights

It is true that Thruxton motorcycles are the ones that best reflect the Modern Classic style that originated the Café Racer movement, whereby the headlights tend to be slightly smaller than the factory ones. Although this is not a written standard, since there are so many types of motorcycle as owners, each one gives a different touch that highlights the concept of customization that is so ingrained in this range of motorcycles.

1. Thruxton headlight and brackets

The Triumph headlight has a universal 3/4 format and measures 17 x 12 cm deep. These Triumph Thruxton parts, the headlight, consists of a 5-inch lens and a halogen bulb with a voltage of 12v and a power of 10w. In addition, the Triumph headlight is fully homologated, with long and short light, along with the support adapted for simple placement. The headlight bracket is made of high quality 3mm iron that offers high impact resistance.


Custom headlight

Custom headlight and brackets for #16 PANTERA, a Triumph customized by Tamarit Motorcycles ?


2. Thruxton headlight 3/4 with grill

As we have said, the 3/4 format is very characteristic of this family of bikes because of its close approach to the café racer aesthetic, but this slightly smaller headlight 3/4 for Thruxton is modified by a grid that gives it a much more personal look.



Headlight grill Thruxton “Old” for #33 TITÁN, a Triumph built by Tamarit Motorcycles ?


This front headlight with grill is especially suitable for those modifications that include a certain dome size or odometer. Its universal format makes it adaptable to any type of motorcycle and, in the case of the air-cooled generation, the Thruxton headlight bracket made by us is provided.



3/4 Thruxton headlight with grill for #49 STALKER, a Triumph modified by Tamarit Motorcycles ?


3. Thruxton headlight 3/4 LED

This type of headlight earns many points for the aesthetic part as it replaces the house headlight which can be large and bulky in the face of modifications to the front, making the process considerably easier. The 3/4 headlight with LED system is a common resource of the exclusive projects we carry out for our clients on café racer motorcycles. As in the previous case, if the motorcycle you want to incorporate this headlight is air-cooled, from Tamarit we will provide you with the support of the headlight made by us.



3/4 LED Thruxton headlight for #52 REIKIAVIK, a Triumph Thruxton built by Tamarit Motorcycles ?


Thruxton headlights: 4. Thruxton PIAA Fog Lamps

The PIAA headlights are the perfect complement for this type of Thruxton headlight builds. Like the rest, it is a universal part, so we can adapt them to any type of motorcycle brand and model.



PIAA Fog Lamps for #48 HIMALAYA, a Triumph by Tamarit Motorcycles ?

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