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After having faced Bonneville T100 and Kawasaki W800, today, in the Tamarit Motorcycles blog, we are going to compare two iconic models of the modern Classic motorcycles movement: the Kawasaki W800 and the Bonneville T120 of Triumph, one of the culprits of the reborn from classic motorcycles around the world, since the Bonneville line produced at the beginning of the century.


General Specs

One of the characteristics that jump to the naked eye on these two modern classics bikes is that, due to their difference in power, as we will see below, that of the Japanese brand can be ridden with an A2, while, without limitation, the Modern Classic of Triumph will require an A license.





The Kawasaki W800 stands out from the rest of the members of the same range for being the one that is closest to the original W, both aesthetically and in engine sensations. The air-cooled W800 comes with a 48 hp twin-cylinder engine and 773 cc. We also found a maximum torque of 60 Nm at 4,800 rpm that is far behind his opponent, the Bonneville T120.

Although they can be similar in aesthetics and at some point, the engine is undoubtedly its big difference. The Café Racer par excellence of Triumph still retains that engine that makes it unstoppable: with 1200 cc and 80 hp, the Bonneville T120 just delivers. In addition, it offers a torque that reaches 3,100 rpm at 105 Nm, so ensures a good response of the engine while riding.


Triumph Bonneville T120 Black



We find notable differences in equipment, because if the motorcycle of the Japanese brand suffered in this section of arguments with which to respond to the T100, with the T120 the matter is logically even more pronounced – since the T120 incorporates numerous electrical and mechanical advantages, providing the latest technology to which liquid cooling is added, being a motorcycle of the new generation of Triumph Modern Classics. We also found sensitive differences in brakes or suspensions, where the Bonneville features a telescopic fork of the prestigious firm Kayaba. On the other hand, the unique bevel gear system and its King Axis stand out in the Kawasaki. If something is attributed to the Kawasaki, otherwise functional, of a careful classic style and a soft feeling on the motorcycle, it is its lack of more high-level elements in relation to its price.


matricer2-triumph-bonneville t120-min

# 34 MATRICER, a Triumph Bonneville T120 built by Tamarit Motorcycles ?



Finally we arrive at the price, where we find a difference but not so much if we take into account the gap in engine and equipment performance that exists between the two. We found the Kawasaki W800 with a price of € 10,150 compared to € 12,900 of the Bonneville T120. Just over € 2,000 of difference between the two and with a Triumph engine that may deserve to pay the price difference.

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