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If there is something essential when riding on a motorcycle, it is the safety of the rider. Some elements such as protective jackets or the Scrambler motorcycle helmet have a lot to do with that. In this post we will focus on the second element, which is of vital importance and also legally required.

The trend towards the usage of classic style motorcycles has led to the development of new accessories with a vintage cut style. The helmet is something that always goes with us. This is why it is important to choose one that adapts to our personal style and that also goes with the aesthetics of the motorcycle.


What you should know before buying a Scrambler helmet

Before you start choosing your perfect scrambler helmet, you should know some characteristics that define this style. Triumph bikes from the modern classic range are without a doubt the ones that best capture the essence of Scrambler. If what you are looking for a motorcycle that works both on unpaved terrain and on road, this is undoubtedly the perfect option.




Being one of the most versatile motorcycles in modern classics world, it is perfect for those non-conformists who want to fully experience the feeling of freedom that a motorcycle of this style can bring. They are characterized by basically applying the off-road concept to the two wheels and are equipped with elements that make possible a ride both in urban areas and other more arid terrains with grass, rock or mud.

Scrambler bikes are born, like so many other classic styles, from the café racer movement. But with the difference that these nonconformist fans were looking to beat their fellow racer, looking for shortcuts to save time and thus come first. It was the choice of this terrain that force them have to modify their motorcycles, so they were able to go through these surfaces faster and faster without damaging the elements of the motorcycles. Among the modifications made, we can highlight a greater suspension and lug or mixed tire travel to reduce the impact of potholes. In the same way that they are also composed of a wide handlebar, high exhausts and a long flat seat to facilitate mobility in search of better traction.


Scrambler helmet types

In the market of Triumph Scramblers accessories you can find different styles of Scrambler helmet that maintain some retro lines, but made with the most advanced materials and technologies. Within the available variety of helmets, you can find them of different types:

  • Modular Scrambler helmet

These are perhaps the ones that best adapt to the versatility of Scrambler-style bikes. They give the possibility of being able to fold down the front part of the helmet, which allows it to be suitable for both urban areas and road crossings. Its biggest drawback is that they are usually quite bulky helmets and not as safe as a full face helmet.

  • Jet Scrambler helmet

The helmet in jet format, although it is in common use, is not one of the best options for riding a Scrambler, since they are more intended for urban use and low speeds. They are characterized by having the front and lower edge clear, which can be an advantage for high temperatures in summer. However, it would be an inconvenience in times of low temperatures or if we are going to circulate at high speeds, since we can feel our face unprotected against the wind or cold.

  • Full length Scrambler helmet

This type of Scrambler helmet is the one that most represents the sense of protection since, thanks to its structure, it provides protection for the entire area of the human skull against any type of accident. And unlike the previous type of helmet, the integral will protect us from drafts or colder temperatures. Its drawback is its large size, although there are currently a variety of sizes and materials that can reduce its weight.

In this variety of helmet for Triumph Scrambler, it is important to note that it is equipped with a double-glass visor or a system that prevents condensation of the air breathed by the pilot, to prevent the possible fog issues.


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