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The Dirt Track is a style difficult to see still in our country, despite the fact that we have been lucky enough to already have championships such as the Superprestigio Dirt Track or the Spanish Flat Track Cup. Despite being an aesthetic a little more unknown to the urban motorcycle user, more and more daring people come to our facilities to request a modern classic makeover of Dirt Track motorcycles.

Dirt Track bikes are created to adapt to the most adverse terrain and are characterized by more aggressive lines in their composition. These projects usually result in a more transgressive motorcycle that moves away from the more purist canons – they are totally designed for action.


Dirt Track Setups: Neptuno

At Tamarit Motorcycles we usually work on transformations at the request of our clients, but in the case of the Neptuno project there were some pieces that we wanted to release on a Dirt Track style basis. It was not the first bike of this aesthetic that we did – but this time, not being subject to request, we would not put limits on the creation of Dirt Track setups.

The three pieces we wanted to develop for this style were: a front fairing with a mini headlight on its right side, the fork protectors and a new two-in-one exhaust on top. Along with these parts we also made an eliminator kit, chain covers, footrests, crankcase covers, and a custom side cover for the left side.




In this transformation we also included the Dirt Track seat that we had created in our first motorcycle. For the choice of wheels and handlebars of this project, we move away a little from the guidelines to follow for the Dirt Track style. This revealed us that with just three pieces of difference we could create two bikes of different styles: Dirt Track and Scrambler. So we did not miss the opportunity to present two motorcycles, thanks to the best virtue of our parts: the Plug and Play philosophy.


Dirt Track Setups: Moto Veloz

The first motorcycle that was part of the Dirt Track setups of Tamarit Motorcycles was Moto Veloz. As is common in our projects, the personality of the owner of this Triumph Bonneville influenced the final result of the makeover. This more competitive style was chosen and for which it was decided to create a seat from scratch, the aforementioned Dirt Track seat. Also included were the “Papillon” exhausts that give it a more radical and daring look.




Another of the services that we include in our projects is the homologation management, something with which we deal in favor of the interest of our clients. Due to this, in the front part the headlight part was not eliminated, but a smaller headlight and intermittent were installed replacing the original ones.

In order to provide it with great customization, and since the exhausts occupied the entire right side, as a novelty the fully customized square side cover was first introduced to the taste of our clients.


Dirt Track Setups: Superstar

This project is born again from the concern of our team to continue creating Dirt Track setups and experiment with new colors and shapes. The inspiration came from images of other motorcycles with bright colors and chrome, which we had seen on the web. These were very personal motorcycles that would not go unnoticed anywhere. It was precisely this that led us to want to create a true Dirt Track but adapted to urban circulation. We had the aim of complying with legal regulations but without losing that off-road essence.




This makeover project started from the base of a Triumph Bonneville with injection engine, so this had to be taken into account to adapt the parts to injection models. In this case, the mythical Dirt Track seat, fork protectors, “The Son” belly pan and the front mask were also included; that helped us get that look of the 80’s motorcycle. Thus we got one of our favorite Triumph Bonneville Dirt Track ever.