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The motorcycle world brings together a wide variety of fans of different kinds, so it is inevitable that styles that merge two opposing concepts that combine perfectly, giving the motorcycle a unique perspective, can emerge. The style of Scrambler motorcycles is a current that mixes the concept of off-road motorcycle and the road one, an interesting option for those looking for a more versatile and personal aesthetic appearance.

The accessories for scrambler motorcycles are the elements that give the motorcycle that unique appearance, without condemning the functionality. The important thing about the Scrambler aesthetic is the feeling of robustness, but at the same time of lightness together with the reliability that the Triumph Modern Classic range gives off.


Scrambler accessories: Features

The motorcycles belonging to the Scrambler style may be similar to the café racer motorcycles at their average height, but the first ones are fully adapted to both paved roads and a more off-road and adventure approach. In addition, all this respects a minimalist style that brings them closer to the simplicity of more purist aspects. In order to highlight these qualities, the details of Triumph Scrambler accessories have been taken care of, which, for example, from Tamarit Motorcycles we work one by one for their creation. These bikes seek greater visual simplicity, so they carry the most necessary elements but always taking care of aesthetics.




Examples of these elements are sturdy-looking wheels, leaks overhead to prevent damage from ground imperfections, a shorter padded seat, etc.


Scrambler parts: Continental TKC80 wheels

Possibly, the Continental TKC80 wheels are one of the most outstanding Scrambler parts both in terms of safety and its aesthetic role. Scrambler style wheels are characterized by sturdy wheels, which in the case of these we show you, have been tested on large routes and competitions to ensure durability and resistance. They provide a great sense of stability and lateral grip on soft terrain, while responding positively on the road thanks to the thick configuration of its profile.




This part is compatible with all Triumph Scrambler models of the old generation air-cooled.


Scrambler accessories: Scrambler seat

The Scrambler seat by Tamarit Motorcycles has measures of 90×27 and is compatible with all Scrambler models prior to 2016. This part includes the seat, the upholstered seat, catadioptric, fender, homologated reflective rear light and plug installation. In Tamarit we only use the best materials available on the market, so the Scrambler seat is made of fiberglass, sponge and nautical material. These materials have been used for their high resistance to any type of weather conditions.




Scrambler parts: “Papillon” exhausts

Another of the Scrambler accessories that stand out the most at a glance are the so-called leaks that are so characteristic of this modern classic style. Tamarit “Papillon” exhausts measure 55 cm long and 6 centimeters in diameter in each cylinder. The pack of this accessory is made entirely of stainless steel and consists of manifolds, silencers, protectors and springs. This exhaust system is compatible with both Scrambler carb and injection models – while in the case of installing the Triumph scrambler parts in an injection one, it is advisable to remap the control unit.