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At Tamarit Motorcycles we like things well done, and we know that to do something well you have to go down into the mud from time to time. With the Scrambler family, Triumph launched a series of practically trail models that, maintaining the modern classic line iconic from the British brand, endowed the pilot with the ability to ride through difficult grounds that would be inaccessible under normal conditions. So, when we talk about the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE, we are referring to the spearheads of a saga that began with the Scrambler 900, and that has put the off-road modern classics on the front page of the scene of the motorcycling.

Below we are going to compare them, to help you to decide which one best suits what you are looking for, assuming that you are thinking of getting an off-road motorcycle.


General Specs

The Scrambler XC and XE were launched in 2019 by Triumph, with which we are talking about two new-generation motorcycle models, liquid-cooled and with all the mechanical and electronic features that place them at the forefront of their line. They both feature a setup that even in its basic set is at the top of the range, the same as the Thruxton R / RS or the Bonneville T120 within its families.

All in all, the Scrambler XE and XC present sensible differences, which make the XE a motorcycle prepared for more extreme situations, and leave the XC as a kind of younger sibling to the XE, as we will see.





As for the engine, the XC and XE make no difference. Both bikes feature a splendid engine, which delivers 90 hp of power with a capacity of 1200cc. Also of maximum torque they offer an extraordinary figure, achieving 110 Mn and delivering the maximum power just beyond 7k revolutions per minute.





It is in the equipment where we find the greatest differences, and that make the Scrambler XE trail bike the most suitable option if you are looking for the best performance, since the bike adapts to virtually any terrain with a solvency that can surprise in a classic looking motorcycle.

For example, the Scrambler XE mounts forks with bars 2mm greater than the XC, and has 50mm more travel distance than the XC. It also loses the XC in terms of shock absorber travel and wheelbase, as well as in the braking system, in which the XE has more advanced ABS electronics in curve control.

For the rest, both models have an excellent suspension system that can be adjusted as desired.



#44 HUSKY, a Triumph Scrambler built by Tamarit Motorcycles ?



In the price section, the most generous equipment of the XE is evident, which rises to the initial amount of € 15,900, while the Scrambler XC can be purchased from € 14,900 first hand through official dealers.

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