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If you have reached this blog post, it is very likely that, like many of our clients, you are thinking of choosing to extend the life of a second-hand motorcycle. The second-hand market can be very misleading at times, but the Bonneville of the British brand Triumph are motorcycles that, due to their characteristics, are perfect for buying already used.

Although we do not sell second-hand motorcycles, we do acquire them for our clients who lack a motorcycle, but who are looking for a customized project with a Triumph Bonneville second hand in Barcelona.


Triumph Bonneville second hand Barcelona: how to choose

The Bonneville Triumph is, with no doubts, one of the best bikes for those nostalgic fans of modern classics styles that have marked an era, and that, until today, continue to influence new motorcycle styles. It is a motorcycle with its own personality and a robust essence, from which new versions have come out. For the Tamarit team, the Bonneville are the Triumph motorcycle model that we have made the most builds. We have projects of all styles: Café Racer, Dirt Track, Brat Style and Scrambler. If you decide to go on your own to buy a second-hand Bonneville, there are a number of factors in which you can set yourself to be able to discard those options that you should not buy.



#35 BELHARRA, a Triumph Bonneville T100 modified by Tamarit Motorcycles ?



The rear shock absorbers that this model incorporates from home can be quite basic and with little suspension travel. The wear of the seat’s foam accentuates that sensation over the coruse of time, something that you must take into account. In addition, in the event that the motorcycle has electronic elements, this will be one of the weak points, as you should change or review them after the purchase. Ideally, when you go to see a second-hand Triumph Bonneville Barcelona, you will be accompanied by a professional or, at least, someone who has a Bonneville and is familiar with the model, so that he can guide you on what is normal and what is not.


Triumph Bonneville T120 second hand Barcelona

This version of the Bonneville family is a worthy member who, with new improvements, continues to respect the aesthetics of the original model. This new generation ends with false myths that ran on the Bonneville. Except for small details that may occur as in another motorcycle, it is a model that has once again ensured the reliability of the British brand.




In the Triumph Bonneville T120, the nostalgic style that characterizes Modern Classics has been combined with the latest technology, such as the new riding modes: “Road” and “Rain”. It has a 1200 cc engine developed by the house for this particular model, reproducing the iconic silhouette of the original 1959 one. In addition, its maximum engine power is of 80 hp. It may seem little, but it is not if we consider that the torque has been increased by 54%, assuring us a quite remarkable power delivery. Without a doubt, a good option to get a second hand Triumph Bonneville Barcelona.


Price of the second hand Triumph Bonneville Barcelona

In our case, getting a second-hand motorcycle at a good price can be differential when creating a new project, because it directly influences the cost of the makeovers. Currently, the price of these second-hand motorcycles is around 6,800 euros, a price that may seem expensive, but usually worth it, since these are motorcycles bought with appreciation and that are usually taken care of in detail by the owners. And Triumph Bonneville second hand Barcelona is the place where most of these sales are usually made.

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