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Tires are one of the most important parts of any type of vehicle. The wheels of motorcycles must be responsible for providing the necessary safety while driving. The features of this element will depend on the use given to the motorcycle.

The tires that may turn out to be suitable for the use of the motorcycle by city, are far from being necessary for competition use. Those used in speed modes are specifically designed and manufactured to suit a particular type of track.


Dirt Track Wheels: Features

The practice of Dirt Track motorcycles is one of the disciplines that is standing out among the latest trends in competition methods. These speed races are characterized by taking place on oval-shaped dirt tracks and cornering drifts. Dirt Track wheels must adapt to these curved dirt tracks, so their main function will be to prevent the risk of skidding corners that are taken at high speed. These types of competition tires are not designed to have great durability but to fulfill the function for which they were created. This implies that competition tires last much less than those used for the city.


All Dirt Track projects

#8 NEPTUNO, a Triumph Bonneville customized by Tamarit Motorcycles ?


As all the Triumph accessories, all tires must fulfill a series of functions that ensure safety. The wheels are the main damping element, so they must have the capacity to be flexible but at the same time the housing must be rigid to withstand the riding and track conditions. Another of its main functions is to provide stability when riding in a straight line but also to favor the inclination in the curves. On the other hand, the tread should be soft to improve grip and water evacuation should be allowed in case of rain with most of the wheel in contact with the ground.

For some Dirt Track tires or for any type of motorcycle accessory, the main thing is that we make a choice based on both the type of motorcycle and the use we are going to make of it. There are no good or bad tires, but those that fit our motorcycle model or not. They are the main element of safety that we have, therefore, we must monitor their wear and conditions on a regular basis.


Sizes of Dirt Track wheels

For participation in official competitions such as the Dirt Track Spanish Cup, the use of certain measures on dirt track wheels is mandatory. In this case it was essential to use Dunlop DT3 tires measuring 130/80 – 19 “and 140/80 – 19”, along with 19-inch wheels both front and rear. With this higher height in tires and tires, motorcycles should have lower suspensions. In addition, the tires used in this type of racing are usually made from covers used in the Supermotard that include adapted drawings in case of rain.



#4 MOTO VELOZ, a Triumph Bonneville built by Tamarit Motorcycles ?


If they are not used on competition tracks, there are wheels that perfectly mimic the Dirt Track aesthetic. With the growing demand for modern classics motorcycles, several types of tires have been introduced to the market.


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