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When choosing the ideal motorcycle for each driver, there are dozens of details and features that are taken into account: personal taste, use, model, power, etc. The weight and height of the motorcycle seat are the basic aspects that must be taken into account to ride comfortably.


Motorcycle seat height

When you talk about the height of the seat, you are talking about the distance from the floor to the lowest point of the seat. The motorcycle seat height is always calculated in millimeters and with the motorcycle resting on two wheels, not on the side leg.

Seat height is not a feature that influences too much while driving. The best way to see if the motorcycle is correct for the driver’s height is when the motorcycle stops, if the driver’s feet do not reach the ground there is a problem.

Motorcycle seat height: 700 mm

The most comfortable Triumph accessories for motorcycles, in terms of motorcycle seat height, are the custom ones. This is because custom motorcycle seats have a height of 700 mm or less, well below the average of other motorcycles.




In this way the classic models not only offer a unique and personalized aesthetic, but also have the seat at a very comfortable height.


Motorcycle seat height: more than 750 mm

Triumph motorcycles have become one of the most used means of transport in urban areas. Models like the Triumph Bonneville or Triumph Thruxton are around 790mm.




Other models that also have a height of around 750 mm are medium displacement, sport-turing and naked motorcycles.


Motorcycle seat height: 850 mm

The Triumph Scrambler bike, very fashionable motorcycles, are recommended for taller drivers, since they tend to have a much higher height than the other models.

While different modifications can be made to drive any motorcycle regardless of height, transformations with a seat over 850 mm are not the most comfortable for everyone.




To summarize, the seat height is a fundamental characteristic when choosing a motorcycle that can be comfortably driven. While there are many models for all tastes, custom motorcycle seats fit all heights, with less than 700 mm.