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The Flat Track or Dirt Track discipline originates in the first third of the 20th century in the United States, where motorcycle races were organized on banked wooden ovals. It is characterized for being off road, that is, for competing on dirt circuits and also for taking the competition to flat tracks. The original name of the discipline is Flat Track, Dirt Track is a term that began to be used in California, a unique discipline in which there are two modalities: the competition in ovals and the races on TT tracks.

In Spain there are two major Dirt Track motorcycle competitions: the RFME Spanish Flat Rack Cup and the Rodi Dirt Track Cup. If you have not yet gotten hooked to these competitions of the discipline considered as the oldest in the world, you will do it soon. And when that day arrives you will be ready to enter this exciting world with a Dirt Track Madrid course.

Dirt Track Madrid: course

As in any self-respecting course, the practical classes are combined with the theory classes continuously to achieve true skill on the bike, a skill that will be reflected both on and off the Dirt Track Madrid course. The practice of this discipline will increase the control and security level of our daily motorcycle. This activity is designed for different profiles: pilots with little off-road experience who regularly ride on asphalt, enduro pilots who want to practice the Dirt Track style modality, and speed riders who want to improve their skills.




The main objective of this course is to push the bike and our skills to the limit in a fun and safe way. You will improve your riding skills and get more security, while you perform maneuvers that you could not perform out of a controlled circuit. In addition, unforeseen events may arise on the road that you have never faced and this Dirt Track Madrid activity can help you know how to resolve these types of situations, avoiding taking any action that makes the situation worse.

Dirt Track Madrid circuit

To practice Dirt Track in Madrid you will have the option of enjoying two types of circuits: TT circuit and Dirt Track circuit. The TT circuit you can ride it alone or with friends. It is a route of more than 0.5 km that consists of curves to the right and left, some with 180º orientation, ascents, descents, two long straights, etc. In addition, on the TT circuit, you also have the possibility to change the direction of the track, allowing you to organize two different types of racing circuit within the same area.

On the other hand, at Dirt Track Madrid you will also find a Dirt Track that is made up of a sand circuit with two ovals: exterior and interior. In the outer oval we will enjoy a track with regulatory measures in which official championships can be organized, perfect for polishing the technique and doing training. However, in the inner oval, we will find a track designed for initial learning and practice.


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