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The motorcycle chassis is for a motorcycle the same as the skeleton for a human being. Often made of materials highly resistant to torsional and tensile forces such as steel or iron itself, the frame of a motorcycle is a series of plates, slats and bars that run the length of the motorcycle throughout, serving as a fulcrum of a large part of the elements that make up the vehicle, including the driver.


The chassis of a motorcycle

In the same way that the muscles are accommodated in the bones of the human body and in this way we move, all the propulsion, suspension and power elements are installed and fixed along the length and width of the chassis, so that we can drive the motorcycle in complete safety. In addition to other elements of different kinds but of vital importance on the motorcycle.



Types of motorcycle chassis

The chassis of the motorcycle have been changing over time, being the first ones similar to the frame of a common bicycle, until reaching true engineering works that are the latest generation motorcycle chassis, reaching shapes and angles unthinkable several years ago, either for reasons of technological advancement or for a simple fashion trend.



Cutting motorcycle chassis

Much of the Triumph customization projects recently brought by Tamarit Motorcycles have the peculiarity that the motorcycle chassis is shorter than usual, giving it a less bulky and sporty appearance. The Tamarit customer will also be able to make this change if they have sufficient knowledge or with the help of a professional workshop. You can always check our projects on Triumph classics in our bikes page and also check the individual parts and accessories Triumph in its section.


Motorcycle chassis legislation

Motorcycle chassis, unfortunately, allow very few variations either by legislation or because such changes or modifications threaten the structural integrity of the motorcycle. That is why any change made to this vital and sensitive part of the motorcycle must be documented and approved with the help of a certified engineer.



Motorcycle chassis paint

Regarding the color of the motorcycle chassis, although this is usually completely black most of the times, this is usually uncovered depending on the style of the motorcycle or if it has covers or fairing. In the event of being uncovered, the fairing is often the color of steel or another type of blackened cover. If you want to change the color of the motorcycle chassis, we recommend to pick a heat and scratch resistant paint, due to the high temperature that the engine acquires  and the number of elements that are attached to the motorcycle chassis.


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