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The Dirt Track is a speed discipline that is played on ground ovals. This original United States competition takes place on flat or gently sloped tracks, noted for their clockwise driven curves and where skids are the undisputed protagonists.

Several qualifying rounds are held in which the participating riders risk their dirt track bikes to the maximum, in order to complete the course in the shortest possible time. These qualified pilots reach the final round where the best of the specialty will compete. Given its competitive nature, the stands of this show are crowded with fans at every meeting.


How do dirt track suspensions work?

Due to the needs of the competition, the dirt track suspensions must have special characteristics so that they can adapt to new terrain. But before delving into the specifications, what is the role of suspensions? Suspensions, although often imperceptible, are the element that differentiates riders from everyday motorcycle users.



#13 RONIN, a Tamarit Motorcycles motorcycle with Ohlins TR927 shock absorbers ?


The wheels should not stop making contact with the ground so that the grip and stability of the motorcycle is constant. At the same time, the chassis must be balanced to further contribute to driving stability. Well, the suspensions are important at this crucial point, since they are in charge of absorbing all the damage to the terrain on which you are riding. In this way, that constant stability, so necessary during piloting, is preserved.


Dirt track suspensions: makeover

For the dirt track style projects with Triumph parts, at Tamarit Motorcycles we have used high quality parts that are fully compatible with the anchors of the British brand. In the case of our project # 15, we introduced Öhlins TR927 shock absorbers that increase the height of the bike and greatly improve the performance of the bike. All the shock absorbers available on our website are ready to be installed, since they are adapted with the same anchors used in the factory models.

The installation of the shock absorbers is not complex, due to the aforementioned adapted anchors, but from Tamarit we recommend going to a specialized mechanical center, in case you do not have the appropriate knowledge or tools. It is a vital element for the stability of our motorcycle, so its placement must be well-adjusted, to prevent possible accidents due to a bad installation.

As for the dirt track suspensions intended for the competition itself, the fork and the shock are usually cut a few millimeters. This will vary according to the type of competition and the specifications of the brand of the motorcycle in question. On the other hand, the springs must be replaced by ones that suit the weight of the pilot and his way of driving. The shock absorber will be another of the elements that you should assess and change, always seeking greater stability and performance.

Following the advice of a professional, and changing these elements for ones that adapt to the needs of this discipline, you will be able to greatly increase the potential of the motorcycle to achieve a steeper skid without taking any risk.


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