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The cafe racer style has been among riders for many decades. Since its first appearance in the 1960s this aesthetic has been evolving and today it continues to be a great presence in the world.

Currently we can see a boom in motorcycles with this aesthetic, as well as in the design of parts and accessories. Throughout the country we can find many companies that are dedicated to designing and creating all kinds of products that focus on this style.


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Café Racer shop: Bikes

The cafe racer style is characterized by its minimalist air. In the beginning, these bikes were designed to achieve the highest possible speed without taking comfort into account, which gave them a very distinctive look.

Nowadays, motorcycles like Bonneville Cafe Racer or Thruxton Cafe Racer no longer seek that speed at all costs, but rather try to ensure that current motorcycles have that classic air of the 60s. These motorcycles usually have a minimalist bodywork, are very light and some parts take more leading role in design than others.


Cafe Racer motorcycles


Some of the cafe racer companies or stores that transform cafe racer style bikes are: Tamarit Motorcycles, Cafe Racer Dreams or Ad Hoc.


Cafe Racer shop: Parts

Although the bike manages to have a specific aesthetic thanks to all the design, there are Triumph parts that undoubtedly give it that cafe racer style. Clip-ons, low handlebars, a single-seater cowl, oversized exhausts, a round headlight and rear footrests are some of the top parts on a cafe racer motorcycle.

When looking for the best pieces in cafe racer stores, it is important that they are of quality and certified. In addition, it must be taken into account if they are parts compatible with the motorcycle, if they are easy to install, the price and the technical service available. In this way we can enjoy a cafe racer motorcycle without too many headaches, nothing more anticlimactic than waiting anxiously for a piece to discover that it is not compatible with the motorcycle.


Triumph parts & accessories


Some of the companies that design and create pieces with a cafe racer style in Spain are: Tamarit Motorcycles, The Vintage Speed Shop, Modeliko Cafe Racers, Overbold Motor Co.


Cafe Racer shop: Accessories

The style has such an impact that it is no longer only possible to find it reflected on motorcycles. There are many accessories and accessories for riders sold in cafe racer stores that follow this aesthetic. From clothing brands that follow the style, to lines of specific luggage for long days on the road, the cafe racer leaves its touch everywhere.

Some of the companies that manufacture accessories with cafe racer style are: C59rR Store, El Solitario, Tamarit Motorcycles.


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