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Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer Kit

Tamarit Motorcycles has developed tons of Triumph Bonneville parts to makeover the series of Triumph Modern Classics. These parts, as far as possible, should always be easy to place in such a way that the customer can plug them in their own home, using only simple tools as screwdrivers. There are kits for Triumph always based on a specific style, or a specific project in which we believe that the set of parts have created a great synergy that is difficult to match.


Cafe Racer Kit for Bonneville

Many of these parts are usually within the same style or concept, and that is when the so-called Cafe Racer kit, a set of parts that have a certain cohesion between them, is formed to transform your motorcycle in a radical way with just a few turns of key and finally led to a Bonneville Cafe Racer bike. These parts are perfectly designed for each specific motorcycle model, and it is a good way to save time and money on shipping costs, since buying it for loose parts would be much more expensive to ship in the long term.


Cafe Racer custom kit

These Triumph Bonneville accessories can always be part of a larger makeover. Tamarit Motorcycles makes available to the client a custom paint option with a motorcycle compatible with Tamarit parts (a Triumph Bonneville for example), in which for a supplement reflected in a closed quote, a build work can be formed. This quote is not only meant to include Tamarit parts, but other elements of a complete makeover such as imported parts, or design and painting work done in the same fuel tank, resulting in a unique motorcycle to suit the client.


Bonneville Cafe Racer KIT


Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer Kit Parts

A purely Cafe Racer kit from Tamarit Motorcycles can be composed from end to end of the motorcycle of a Mr Kevin cafe racer nose fairing on the front, adorning the sides well with oval-shaped side covers with custom design, or with a type with a classic striated cover like the Guildford project, and finally crowning the transformation of the kit with a Cafe Racer style cowl. The rear, always preferably clear thanks to our rear fender removal kit, has to be crowned by a stylized cafe racer cowl, the Jarama model in case your motorcycle is air cooled, the Monaco model if your motorcycle is a new generation Thruxton (the 1200 or the 1200R) and finally a Jerez model if the motorcycle you work with is one of the new Bonneville or the Street Twin range.

Not everything is always parts made of fiber in the Cafe Racer kits for Bonneville, since in the same kit you can add different elements of the group of the hardware, such as the headlight brackets to facilitate the fitting of the front fairing that we have available to the client on our website.


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