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The shock absorbing system is one of the key parts in terms of the performance of our motorcycle, that’s why it is always one of the elements that has most of the votes to be replaced in any modification you are looking for. A way to improve it aesthetically and also make your motorcycle riding an experience not only more pleasant but also more efficient and sporty.


Shock absorbers for Triumph Bonneville

Always for the comfort of riding in a Triumph Bonneville, the adjustment of the triumph Bonneville shock absorbers can also be done to modify the height of the motorcycle in case the rider of the Triumph Bonneville is of an unusual big height (or also in the case of a relatively short person), the shock absorbers must be stretched or contracted to guarantee the comfort of the rider.




Adjusting the shock absorbers for Triumph Bonneville is also very helpful in determining a certain concept or style of the bike. A more suitable Scrambler-style motorcycle will generally have a higher ride and action in the damping system, as well as its saddle height from the ground will also be higher. In contrast, a modified ride or custom motorcycle, which will only be driven on asphalt in the vast majority of the time, will need a completely opposite adjustment, reducing both the height and the action of the shock absorber, leaving it more stylishy and shorter.


Ohlins shock absorbers for Triumph Bonneville

Of all the items and their multiple genres of Triumph Bonneville shock absorbers there are always certain brands that stand out above the rest, that while their price is significantly higher than average, their quality and performance is beyond question.




This is the case of the Ohlins shock absorbing system for Bonneville, which is for sale at Tamarit Motorcycles and has previously been installed on several modified Triumph Bonneville projects. Projects that stand out above all for their spectacular nature and elements that would not leave anyone indifferent. The first project for Tamarit Motorcycles to include a set of shock absorbers from the Swedish brand Ohlins was RONIN, which coincided with the opening of the new Showroom, which would later be used since then to host the vast majority of the presentations of exclusive motorcycles made by this firm.


Buying Triumph Bonneville shock absorbers

At Tamarit Motorcycles you can find, apart from Ohlins, other brands and models that can be more adjusted to your needs. Visit the corresponding section of your motorcycle and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us using any of the contact forms.


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