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You can find now in our online shop several parts and accessories from other brands and suppliers. Basically you can find in our shop 95% of the stuff you see installed in our makeover projects, from the basic fiberglass parts that shape the motorcycle, to the smallest eletronic detail.


We wanted to include for quite a long time the tyres for Bonneville that have been appearing on our projects and believe it or not, they play a big role on these projects.


Tyres for Bonneville

As mentioned, one of the items that get most of the questions about is the tyres set on the full exclusive projects. We’ve selected several models that would be perfect for your Bonneville depending on the use and your style of driving.

In our website you can find all the motorcycle model we work for by making Triumph Parts, here you can browse and select the motorcycle model you own. Once this option is selected, a list of parts would appear, all of them perfectly valid for your motorcycle.

These are several tyres that you can install on your Triumph Bonneville:


Avon Trailrider for Triumph Bonneville

The Avon Trailriders include a new sílica composite, as a result of the last technology on making composites, all for increase the grip on wet surfaces. Linked three-dimension points hidden on the ruts in order to improve the balance and grip, cap the tension of the treads and allow the tyre to warm up quickly. Hi-Tech on the cover build and state of the art composites that provide an excellent grip and handling for a driving that aims 90% asphalt and 10% off-road.

Tamarit Motorcycles uses to install as a 18″ front wheel a rear wheel.

Bonneville tyres




Mitas E07 for Triumph Bonneville

The E-07 is designed for a 50% road use and 50% outside the road. Due its tough composite and the optimum performance on the road and outside of it, the E07 is a dual sport tyre very popular in road trips around the world. This tyre is a great adition to the air cooled Triumph Bonneville as well as the scrambler model old generation. If you have a Street Scrambler, you can install these as well, despite this is a new generation liquid cooled motorcycle.

Bonneville tyres




Metzeler Tourance for Triumph Bonneville

The Tourance model from the brand Metzeler is a very popular and extended model thanks to its polivalency and great performance over mixed surfaces. It blends perfectly with every motorcycle generation on or offroad and street enduro, with a heavy off road look. The Tourance treads have been developed taking into account a regular use in the streets, but without losing the necessary grip during an off-road situation, according to the needs of a dual motorcycle and street enduro. The big knobs on the central zone ensures a compact rubber zone just on the contact area.

Bonneville tyres



Triumph Metzeler Karoo for Triumph Bonneville:

The last generation of Metzeler’s Karoo line propose a new composite that provides great toughness to abrasion and knobs exhaustion, as well as extending the life of the rubber for many extra miles than its previous versions. The exclusive V-shape alignment of the knobs, along with the heading of the edges and the variable gaps between knobs, provide an excelent grip off road under different conditions, specially during those long distance trips on soil, sand or mixed terrains. A Cafe Racer look .

Bonneville tyres 


Continental TKC80 for Triumph Bonneville

The well known TKC 80 from the house Continental can also be acquired through Tamarit Motorcycles. These tyres have been tested on big routes and competitive racing over the years, now being this performance within your reach. Its heavy knob set allows a great self-cleaning, as well as providing a great balance and side grip specially on soft surfaces. Not only on unstable terrains the TKC will perform greatly, but also on the road, thanks to its thick configuration will be valid as well.

Tyre Styles for Bonneville.

We can advice you about which tyre could be better for your motorcycle depending on the style you prefer. If you want to build a Café Racer, a Dirt Track or an Scrambler you may have to install one tyre or another. For all the projects we work in, we dismantle the tyres, sand, paint and ensemble back again. As you can see in our bike catalogue, all the wheels and tyres are black.


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