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Triumph Bonneville Rear Fender

Among all the parts of the standard Triumph motorcycle, the one with the most ballots being always eliminated from the equation is the one that forms the Bonneville rear fender. This bulky and spectacular part serves to hold the license plate and turning signals, as well as to protect the users of the motorcycle from any element or substance that is fired upwards by the centrifugal effect of the wheel at full speed.



Triumph Bonneville rear fender eliminator

The rear fender of a Triumph Bonneville is very easy to remove thanks to parts such as the Tamarit Motorcycles removal kit, a part of iron specially designed to be a Triumph Bonneville part that will supply the bulky series fender with a license plate and flashing stand. This part, in conjunction with the range of Tamarit Motorcycles seats, forms what we call a classic custom rear, with the wheel in sight and a clean and clear rear. Then the seat will be chosen by the customer according to the motorcycle style you want to carry, a stylized cafe racer, an aggressive Dirt Track or a comfortable and urban brat style.

Rear fender eliminator kit | Tail tidy for Triumph


Installing the rear fender eliminator is very easy, you will only have to use the same anchors that the factory chassis already has, and connect brakes and intermittent lights in the way that appears on the explanatory sheet.


This part is available for any type of Modern Classic Triumph, both from the old generation of air-cooled motorcycles and the new generation with the liquid cooling system. Specially designed for Bonneville, Thruxton and Scrambler models, and the new batch of economic Triumph motorcycles such as Street Twin, Street Cup and Street Scrambler.

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