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Both the type of tire and its condition will compromise the safety of the motorcycle, and it is a common mistake not to pay enough attention to this element. Depending on the motorcycle model we have and the use that will be given, we must choose a specific type of wheels that help us adapt the motorcycle to the circumstances.

The tires for Triumph Street Twin are the only element in constant contact with the asphalt, so they become the main safety component. But this should not make us compromise the aesthetics of our modern classics motorcycles, as we find in the market a wide variety of models of different materials that fit perfectly with the needs of the motorcycles and their aesthetics.

As any other triumph street twin accessories, the tires must be done following the highest quality and safety standards.


Tires for Triumph Street Twin: An overview

It is important to be aware of the conditions in which our tires are to ensure that they are optimal to provide that level of safety that the motorcycle needs. According to legal regulations, there are some conditions that the tires must meet. The wheels must not have malformations and respect a minimum of 1.6 mm groove depth. You can check this last point with the wear indicators.

On the other hand, it is important to maintain the pressure of the wheels indicated by the manufacturer and, above all, that the tires you choose have the same measures as those indicated by the manufacturer for that particular motorcycle model.


Tires for Triumph Street Twin: Victory Classic 18″

This set Victory Classic 18″ of wheels for Triumph Street Twin is formed by a front wheel of 400×18 and a rear one of 500×18. These wheels have a retro cut that is especially aimed at the most classic Triumph motorcycles. Being an element of such important security, it is necessary to go to a professional to proceed to the installation of the Victory Classic 18” if you do not have the knowledge or the necessary equipment to carry it out by yourself.


Triumph Street Twin tires


Tires for Triumph Street Twin: Heidenau K60 Silica

These Heidenau K60 Silica wheels have excellent properties on the ground and offer high mileage with an increased tread life, as they have been molded with an advanced rubber compound that ensures the homogeneous wear of the belt. The V-shaped design paves the way for outstanding wet grip and excellent water evacuation capacity.




These tubeless tires ensure an optimal driving experience, thanks to a wide contact area. Tread blocks increase the feeling of contact with the surface and ensure a more uniform response.


Tires for Triumph Street Twin: Avon Trailrider

These tires for Triumph Street Twin manage to increase the grip on wet, thanks to its new compound of enormous silica richness. It also increases mileage and grip on multi-compound treads on the rear radial. Avon Trailrider tires have 3D grooves, characteristic of radial tires, which help improve stability and grip.




They are high-tech wheels in the construction of the housing and latest generation compounds that provide excellent maneuverability. As a suggestion, Tamarit installs as a 18″ front wheel what a rear wheel really is.

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