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The range of vintage-cut motorcycles is in good health and has undoubtedly become an icon among two-wheel lovers. This demand has brought new models of this aesthetic to the market, at the same time that exclusive scrambler accessories have been developed. The British brand of Triumph motorcycles has become a benchmark for this trend, with a whole range dedicated to modern classics.

The Triumph Scrambler is the crossover where both the best road features and the best features, come together to cope with any type of off-road terrain. There are different types of scrambler tires, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders.

Among the whole range or Triumph Scrambler accessories for Modern Classes, today we are going to highlight the relevance of the Scrambler tires.


Types of Scrambler tires

The motorcycle tires can radically change the appearance of our motorcycle, therefore they generate many doubts when it comes to changing them. But it is not only something purely aesthetic, they are a very important security element. They are responsible for the grip of the motorcycle on and off the road. Due to this factor, it is essential that the choice of wheels is motivated by the use of the motorcycle. The performance that the tires must provide will be different depending on whether they are to be used on the road or on unpaved terrain.

Scrambler motorcycle tires are usually either studded or mixed, with road use being the most common. The lugged wheels give it that country touch that makes its off-road side stand out, perhaps the one that most highlights its strong retro aesthetic. Although it should be borne in mind that studded tires can be an impediment on wet asphalt or at higher speeds.

On the other hand, mixed tires are the option that best takes advantage of the versatility of this motorcycle model. There are different models within this range, and they are perfectly adapted for use on the road. Perhaps, with this type of wheel its off-road aesthetics will be softened a little more, but these aspects are the ones that should be evaluated according to the use that will be given to the motorcycle.


Scrambler tires: Continental TKC80

They have been tested on major routes and competitions. They provide great stability and lateral grip on soft ground. In addition, they are fine on the road thanks to the thick configuration of their profile – and also their cleanliness is excellent.




The Continental TKC80 are compatible with all Triumph Scramblers of the older air-cooled generation. Of the new generation it is compatible with the Street Scrambler model.


Scrambler tires: Mitas E07

These Scrambler bike tires are designed for 50% road use and 50% off-road use. They are made of a resistant compound and it is a widely used dual sport tire for long routes.




The Mitas E07 are valid for the old generation of scrambler motorcycles. In regard of the new generation, they perfectly match with the street scrambler model.


Scrambler tires: Victory Classic 19″

The Victory Classic 19″ have a vintage cut and are specially designed for classic style motorcycles. This range of tires has been specially created to adapt to the needs of motorcycles such as the modern classics of the Triumph brand.




These Triumph scrambler tires are compatible with the Scrambler Carb, Scrambler EFI and Street Scrambler.


Scrambler tires: Avon Trailrider

Avon Trailrider tires are built with a new compound rich in silica, that increases grip in the wet. Made with the latest technology, it features treads on the rear radials to increase mileage and grip.




In addition, we can also benefit from three-dimensional interlocking points, hidden in the grooves to improve the stability of the bike. Its use is divided into 90% for riding on the road and 10% off-road.


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