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The Bonneville Speedometer, even if it doesn’t seem like it, is a very important part when it comes to modify a Moder Classic motorcycle. A lot of our clients are not satisfied with the stock speedo being that bulky and prefer something more simple, small and handy.


Triumph Bonneville Speedometer



Our clients mainly look for a speedometer of reduced dimensions in order to make the motorcycle compatible with several front fairings, such as our Triumph Nose Fairings. Those would be impossible to install due the size of the twin clocks and their brackets that most of the Triumph Modern Classics include on default settings.


Types of Bonneville Speedometers


Depending on the motorcycle you own and the year of manufacture, you should acquire a Triumph Bonneville Speedometer or other, therefore exist several types of speedometers that could be valid for your Triumph Bonneville, it depends on the fuel management type, Carb or EFI, and the year as mentioned, because it would need a signal converter into analogue or digital.





Bonneville EFI Speedometer

The Bonneville EFI Speedometer includes a bracket handmade by Tamarit in order this speedo to be install without any problem on every Bonneville EFI.





Digital speedometers for Bonnevilles.

Thanks to the nowadays ECUs (the previously mentioned signal converters), we can adapt new generation devices to those motorcycles that during the time of its manufacture a completely different language was spoken, the analogue and mechanic. That’s why, in order to install new generation devices that could include digital features, we may need this kind of ECUs in order to harmonize both languages. One of the most popular models in our makeover projects is the Motogadget Tiny.




A perfect example of the brand dedicated to the making of these products is Motogadget, which includes on the catalogue several options that could be adapted on every style of custom motorcycle on its building process. From gauges of pure classic inspiration ( based on a old pressure o-meter ) as the Motogadget Chronoclassic, to compact and modern displays as the Motogadget Motoscope Pro (a re-make of the classic Motoscope), which provides every kind of info about the status of your motorcycle, the fuel, the range and the trip.

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