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The brat style bikes are also known by the term Japan Style, since it was in the country of the rising sun where this classic-looking aesthetics originated. They can come to resemble the English Café Racer movement of the 50s, especially in size, although in the case of the Brat bike not only a performance is sought, but also can be handled comfortably by the urban areas, favoring at the same time a pleasant riding on the road.

This is a recurring style for those who seek to prioritize comfort and a daily use of the motorcycle. It is for this comfort that we can highlight the role of the Brat Style handlebar and observe how they have been stripped of many elements that can be considered unnecessary, with the intention of achieving a purer and lighter result.


Styles of Brat handlebars

As we have said before, this style has an influence on the Café Racer motorcycles but also includes some of the characteristics of the American Bobber style. Both streams of inspiration for the BratStyle are very different between them, but also add their own details. This fact makes it a 100% custom style by itself.

Brat Style motorcycles are characterized by being low-rise, so the suspensions are usually lowered to achieve a more balanced structure on the motorcycle. The wheels take center stage with wider tires and spoke wheels. These wider tires give the possibility of improving the driving sensation to prioritize the comfort of the rider.




Continuing with the minimalist tendency of the style to get rid of the unnecessary things, the headlight is usually of a smaller diameter than in other categories, and incorporates a quite elongated flat two-seater; It is also common to skip the use of cowl. The Brat Style handlebar has a higher height since this style does not enhance aerodynamics like others, but the most important thing is to improve comfort while riding. It is precisely this that makes it an ideal motorcycle for the urban environment, with better handling and stability.


Brat Style handlebars: Biltwell Tracker 25mm

Within the Tamarit parts catalog, the 25mm Brat Style Tracker handlebar is one of those we use for our clients customized transformations, achieving the necessary silhouette for the project. The handlebar is available in both chrome and black, so it can adapt to different shades of motorcycles.

The Biltwell 25mm Tracker handlebar is valid for the old-fashioned air-cooled Bonneville motorcycles, both carb and injection. In addition, it is compatible with the new-generation of liquid-cooled Bonneville bikes, both the T100 and the T120. On the other hand, it also adapts perfectly to the air-cooled Thruxton, but this time only the injection.

For the installation of this part it is only necessary to replace the house with this new handlebar, but from Tamarit we always recommend that if you do not have the notions or the materials to carry out the installation, a trusted professional is asked to do the work for you.


Brat Style handlebars: Biltwell Moto 25 mm

This Brat Style handlebar is a small variant of the one discussed above. Like the previous one, it is available in both chrome and black. In this case, they differ in that this handlebar has a bar that joins both ends, which gives it a slightly more transgressive or aggressive line. The Biltwell Moto 25 mm has some measures that help maintain a comfortable position while riding and does not require you to have to lean to get there easily.




The 25mm motorcycle handlebar is compatible with the old-generation air-cooled Bonneville, both carb and injection; and with the new generation liquid-cooled (T100 / T120). It is also compatible with air-cooled Thruxton but only injection.

Its installation is as simple as with the first Brat handlebar, you just have to replace it but in case you do not have the necessary knowledge or tools, do not hesitate to go to a professional to perform the installation.


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