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On this occasion, we attended in the Tamarit blog a comparison that is a real duel of the Titans: the Honda CB1100 EX, which rescues the aroma of the CB 750 Four of the seventies (and that supposed something like the cover letter from Japanese motorcycles to the world), against the legendary Triumph Bonneville T120, a top-of-the-range model that brings the classic essence of the 59s Bonnie back to our days.


General Specs

The first thing that stands out at a glance between these two motorcycles is that the Bonneville T120 review maintains a simple, more faithful to the classic line design, something that purists appreciate, although the Honda is also an aesthetic prodigy that has managed to renew itself without lose the distinctive touch that refers to the original. Another very notable aspect to highlight is the weight of both, which goes up to 260kg in the case of the Honda, almost 40kg more than the Bonneville motorcycle. To drive both in their original configuration, without limitation, an A license will be required due to their large capacity offered.





If, as we shall see, the cycle part of these two modes is quite similar, so is the motor part, with slight differences between them. The most noteworthy perhaps is that the Honda features a 4 in line, very typical of Japanese motorcycles, while the Triumph Bonneville T120 has a double parallel. Getting into numbers, we have that the British brand offers 80 hp with 1200 cc and a maximum declared torque of 105 Nm at 3,100 rpm. For its part, the Honda gets 89 hp with 1140 hp, while its torque rate is set at 91 Nm at 5,000 rpm.


Triumph Bonneville T120



The equipment of both motorcycles, as we mentioned, is quite even, although the T120 is distinguished by its liquid cooling, aligned with the new generation of Triumph motorcycles that the British firm began to produce from 2016. Otherwise, both have two front discs, six gears and ABS, to mention just some of their relevant features.



# 22 MURALLA, a Triumph Bonneville T120 customized by Tamarit Motorcycles ?



In this fierce battle to see which is the perfect Modern Classic motorcycle (a battle that always, anyway, will have different figures and faithful followers of each side), we reach the final section – the price. We find that they are also very close here, although the balance is slightly down towards the Triumph, which with similar benefits can be purchased starting at € 12,900, for the € 13,499 required for the Honda. It is already the decision of each to just choose one or the other – or maybe both!

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