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While true Triumph motorcycle enthusiasts know that speed is not the only characteristic that must be taken into account, it can be said that it is a very attractive quality. Throughout history, there are many models that have been created exclusively to break speed records, so it is very normal to wonder what is the fastest motorcycle in the world.

Which is the fastest motorcycle in the world?

To date, the title of the fastest motorcycle is taken by the Dodge Tomahawk. A motorcycle with a very particular design that has been surrounded by controversy since its presentation.




The Dodge Tomahawk tops all the lists as what is the fastest motorcycle in the world, yes, it has come there generating a stir and much debate. It is that this motorcycle, which was first presented at the North American International Auto Show in 2003, looks more like a futuristic machine than a motorcycle. Kinda the opposite to our Triumph motorcycles models. The debate was generated in the first place by the classification as bike itself: it is possible to say with certainty that this vehicle was a motorcycle, since it has a car engine and four wheels? The stir grew to a further when the creative brand, Dodge, claimed a hypothetical top speed of approximately 480 to 680 km / h.


Which is the fastest motorcycle in the world -Data

Despite all the controversy, the same day that this motorcycle was presented, nine people bought it. It is that despite the defects, this motorcycle has characteristics that cannot be ignored: a 20-valve viper engine and a power of 500 hp.


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