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The fairing of a motorcycle is a characteristic that is not always given as much importance as other features that usually take people’s attention more such as speed and power.




The Triumph nose fairings are the coverings that are responsible for protecting the other components of the motorcycle from the unexpected weather. It is made in various materials such as aluminum, titanium, fiberglass, etc. and in principle it fulfills an aerodynamic function. However, it cannot be denied that it is also an aesthetic element.

The Triumph nose fairing is one of the Triumph accessories of the fairing which is in the upper front part of the motorcycle and its main function is to protect the driver from dust, gravel and other elements, and reduce the impact of the wind. There are various types of nose fairings and since it is a very visible piece, its design has the ability to completely modify the overall aesthetics of the motorcycle.


Triumph nose fairing

Currently, we can find a great diversity of Triumph nose fairings in the market. The type of nose fairing is chosen based on the needs of each driver. If long trips are usually made on the road or high speeds are reached, it is likely that a Triumph nose fairing with a large windshield is the most appropriate.




If, on the other hand, short stretches are made through urban areas, the windshield is something that can be available. In the case of long trips, but also driving in urban areas, there are some nose fairing that can be removed and put back, you just have to take the time to do it before leaving.


Fairings Triumph


However, as we have already mentioned before, the Triumph part nose fairing is a determining factor in the aesthetics of the motorcycle, so it is already up to each rider whether they prefer to sacrifice comfort or aesthetics depending on the type of trip they usually take.


Nose fairing for Triumph Bonneville

Here at Tamarit we have the “Mr. Kevin” dome for the Thruxton 900, Thruxton EFI, Bonneville 900 and Bonneville EFI models.

The nose fairing for Triumph Bonneville fiberglass has measures of 18x35x19 cm and is very easy to install, only a fixed key (12 and 13 caliber) and an Allen key are needed. In a first step you must remove the odometer and then the dome is held in three points, two points are the same that hold the headlight and the third with the electricity regulator with a support that is included.

The Triumph Mr. Kevin nose fairing gives the motorcycle an unquestionable cafe racer style, as can be seen in the modifications that were made both in the “Mr. Kevin” project and in “The son”, “Weybridge” and ” Hawkers. “


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