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Now in our online shop you can find parts from other dealers, following our company philosophy, which is always trying to include parts installed on our motorcycle projects previously done.


We’ve wanted for quite a long time to sell products from dealers outside Tamarit, for example, the tyres for Thruxton.





Tyres for Thruxton

One of the products that got a fairly amount of the questions about were the tyres for Thruxton that were installed in our bikes. We’ve selected a few models of thruxton tyres for you.

In our website you can see every model we work with to install Triumph Parts on it, here you can browse and select which motorcycle do you have. Once selected the bike, you can find a list of parts, all of them valid for your model.

On that list, you may find several models of Thruxton tyres.





Heidenau K60 Silica for Thruxton

Despite that were initially designed for new generation Bonnevilles, this Heidenao can also be installed on old generation air cooled Triumph Thruxtons. This tyre for Thruxton offers a high mileage and long lasting treads, it’s been molded with an advanced rubber composite that ensures a uniform tyre wear on the treads. The unique design provides a remarkable grip on wet terrain and a great water escape.

This tubeless tyre, with a wide contact surface, ensures a balanced driving experience by creating a bigger contact surface.


Avon Trailrider for Thruxton

Same as the Heidenau, these tyres made by Avon are also valid for the Thruxton Triumph made until 2016. The Avon Trailriders include a new sílica composite, as a result of the last technology on making composites, all for increase the grip on wet surfaces. 

Linked three-dimension points hidden on the ruts in order to improve the balance and grip, cap the tension of the treads and allow the tyre to warm up quickly.

Hi-Tech on the cover build and state of the art composites that provide an excellent grip and handling for a driving that aims 90% asphalt and 10% off-road.


Tamarit Motorcycles uses to install as a 18″ front wheel a rear wheel.


Metzeler Roadtec for Thruxton

If you own a new generation Triumph Thruxton, such as the 1200R, Tamarit Motorcycles provides to the client as well a very reliable and capable substitutes for the mighty Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa that comes with this motorcycle on its default set. This new tyre by Metzeler has been developed under a new design concept of treads capable of improve the mechanic grip and drive, with the subsequent improvements when it comes to speed up and brake.

The front tyre comes with a lot of ruts that stick to the asphalt and greatly increases the amount of water taken away.

The Metzeler Roadtec structures come with a more flexible cover (compared with the ROADTEC Z8 INTERACT), allowing the deformation of the composite in order to achieve a perfect mechanic grip, an improved adhesion to the asphalt roughness and easing up the absortion of the irregularities of the road ( bumps, ditches or patches )

Metzeler uses all technologial advantadge at their disposal to deliver the solution that adapt the best to the motorcycle capacity.


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