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The sport discipline Dirt Track attracts more and more passionate about motorcycles, who see in this modality of speed an opportunity to enjoy the adrenaline that skidding despises. In this discipline, they are the true protagonists.

This competition takes place on oval-shaped dirt circuits and where turns are drifted counterclockwise. This particularity means that the motorcycles used for this discipline have special characteristics that benefit their maneuverability.


Characteristics of dirt track shock absorbers

If there is something that defines these bikes it is their off road character, and their aesthetic lines with a more aggressive touch in their composition. This style of motorcycles, together with the sports discipline to which it belongs, have made the distance from the sports grounds to our roads.




Aesthetically they tend to have a more minimalist concept, without many Triumph accessories. The goal is for pilots to achieve the most aerodynamic position possible. The tires used in this style usually have rain patterned tires and come with 19″ wheels.

Something to highlight are the suspensions of this style, as the fork and the dirt track shock absorbers are usually cut a few millimeters. All the build that are made always depend on the brand of motorcycle used and the discipline in which you are going to participate.

There are many who dare to have this style of Dirt Track motorcycles in their garage, and from Tamarit Motorcyles we have had the opportunity to make some makeovers. From our experience in transformations of this style, we want to highlight two of the shock absorbers used in Dirt Track style creations: the Hagon 210 and the Öhlins TR927.


Dirt Track Shock Absorbers: Hagon 210

These dirt track shock absorbers are compatible with all Thruxton, Bonneville and Scrambler models prior to 2016. The Hagon 210 shock absorber hydraulics are adjustable in 10 positions with automatic compression-extension adjustment. ShimStack technology helps control hydraulic adjustment.




All Tamarit motorcycle parts use the same anchors as the factory models, making installation much easier thanks to this. For installation, they should only be replaced by the originals, no modification will be necessary. Of course, if you do not have the necessary mechanical knowledge, it is important to go to a specialized center to place the part correctly.


Dirt Track Shock Absorbers: Öhlins TR927

The Öhlins TR927 shock absorbers increase the height of the motorcycle, while considerably improving its performance. The length of the shock absorber is 360/380 mm, along with a free spring of 230 mm.




All Triumph shock absorbers that you will find in our parts catalog come ready to be installed, using the same anchors as the factory models. Enter the tab of each of the dirt track shock absorbers to find out what tools will be needed for their installation.


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