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Perhaps the great attraction of custom bikes has always been the possibility to modify and personalize the vehicle with certain Triumph motorcycle parts or improvements that make each motorcycle a unique piece. The word custom as such, coming from the Anglo-Saxon words, means “to taste” or based on specifications completely at the discretion of the client.


These custom bikes are often related to the sense of the classic bike, possibly the easiest and most accessible to modify thanks to their configuration and conditions. Contemporary motorcycles, already corseted in specifications and in indivisible elements of a single piece, due to their components and greater complexity, are not possible to modify beyond certain elements in the fairings or tires, since they already come fully recharged with everything what could have been included beforehand.


Accessories for custom bikes

Accessories for custom motorcycles can give your motorcycle great personality and exclusivity, which is none other than the main objective of the constant activity of Tamarit Motorcycles. Working exclusively for the modern classics Triumphs, Tamarit constantly develops a series of Triumph accessories for these bikes, both the current ones with a liquid cooling system, as well as the old ones that have air cooling that, far from being forgotten, are precisely the ones that they give more game and the ones that lend themselves best to a hypothetical customization. Elements such as removing the rear fender, changing the seat for a more streamlined one or reinforcing the vehicle’s underbody with a powerful stainless steel cover plate are some of the usual changes that are made on custom bikes by installing motorcycle accessories.




Used parts for motorcycles

Second-hand custom triumph accessories are also abundant in the market, especially those portals for buying and selling whose highest percentage of traffic and affluence is online. On many occasions, an individual sells the motorcycle after changing back to the original configuration that the motorcycle had, thus keeping the motorcycle on one side and the parts on the other. This is why there are many individuals who sell used custom motorcycle accessories, by not accepting either the dealer from whom the motorcycle is sold or the individual who purchases the vehicle from non-factory parts. Risks and cons of customization, since this will always be very personal and to the taste of each client, so if the time comes to change the motorcycle, it may be that it has less output than usual.


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