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The exhausts of a motorcycle are one of the great modifications that we can make to our beloved companion on two wheels. This part of the motorcycle largely depends not only on its aesthetics, but also on its sound and performance. Because let’s not fool ourselves: we all love a motorcycle that sounds good especially if we want it for more than just going from home to work and back.




That is why the exhausts are a key part in the integral modification of the motorcycle. In the world of Cafe Racer culture and style this is no exception and cafe racer escapes abound in variety and quality within the cafe racer family of pieces..


Homologated Cafe Racer exhausts

One of the main characteristics that are required of this type of leakage is that they be regulated and approved, so that we do not have any problem in subsequent visits to the technical inspection. This inspection, as acclaimed as feared in our country because of its strict offices and technicians, has always been a great obstacle for the most daring and transgressive modifications, especially those that carried a system of cafe racer leaks out of the ordinary. Luckily, Tamarit Motorcycles’ exhaust suppliers provide all the certified documentation necessary to be able to run smoothly with these escapes on the roads that are regulated by this series of rules and regulations.


Triumph Exhaust by Tamarit


Cafe Racer motorcycle exhausts

The modern Cafe Racer is a style that allows a wide variety of types and configurations of cafe racer exhausts, so in the end, what always prevails within a personal modification is the taste of the client and his sense of comfort. And we say comfort because there are leaks that due to its elevated position at the customer’s height, it may be that for some drivers the heat produced is excessive in the leg area.

The most common exhausts within the Triumph Modern classics family are those that have a 2-in-2 configuration, that is a collector and an exhaust for cafe racer motorcycles on each side. However, it should be noted that some Tamarit models consist of a 2-in-1 cafe racer exhaust system, that is two collectors that end up in a single exhaust on only one side, as is the case of the famous Bocanegra, included in many of our projects.

As a peculiarity, although already within the family of scrambler motorcycles, there are motorcycles that carry the exhaust at the height of the rider’s legs, which, as previously mentioned, should be well covered with thermal insulation or the owner is at risk of burning himself , mostly in summer!

You can check exhausts and other Triumph motorcycle parts in our dedicated and curated catalogue.


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