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One of the most vulnerable elements of old classic motorcycles, apart from the obvious electrical circuit, are the tires for classic motorcycles. Although it is fashionable now for restorators to try to preserve as many of the original parts as possible, sometimes this is not possible due to the degradation of the rubbers. Rubbers and other compounds used in the past, cannot be restorated and they should be changed, so the bike can keep its safeness intact.

Unlike the materials of today in regard of Triumph aftermarket motorcycle parts, most of the classic rubbers that contain the original rims and tires of any vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle, are degraded and hardened. This makes the driving very dangerous, and their use would not be possible beyond going to your trailer, garage or from one showroom to another.


Vintage tires

Lucky for us, lovers of aesthetics and classic canons without concessions in vintage vehicles, there are still certain manufacturers that continue to produce classic motorcycle spare parts, and also, although on a smaller scale, these classic cut tires preserve the aesthetics of yesteryear even though they are made with modern rubbers and compounds.




Vintage tires vs Modern tires

It is true that today the latest technologies have burst into the construction and design of tires, always with the goal year after year of improving the treads to provide greater comfort and grip on the different surfaces through which we want to put our vehicles. We will never know for sure if they are real improvements or simple marketing maneuvers to present something new every year, but what is true is that the design of the modern tire has become highly complex and full of details.




Although if what we are looking for are classic motorcycle spare parts for classic motorcycles, we must obviously sacrifice certain aspects of safety and performance in order to preserve the aesthetic spirit throughout our motorcycle, taking it to an era where all those properties in tires for classic motorcycles they had not been invented yet.


Tires for Tamarit classic bikes

At Tamarit Motorcycles we have always been inspired by great bikes of the time, old exhibition bikes, always wearing Firestone Classic Vintage or any other mid-century tire. However, it has always seemed appropriate for us to keep house tires at the request of the client or to increase their performance by installing top-of-the-range parts according to the transformation of the motorcycle. It was not until the RUBY project, when its owner requested by express request a classic aesthetics from start to finish of the motorcycle, with which Tamarit opened a distribution channel with English and North American brands for the habitual acquisition of these tires for classic motorcycles as exclusive, since after Ruby, there were many more who wanted this type of tire!


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