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If at the time of traveling by motorcycle, you are one of those who prefer to do it accompanied, it is important that you take into account the comfort of the passenger during the long journeys. For this it is essential that you have a comfortable seat for both you and the passenger, but also that you start considering the different options of backrests that you can adapt to your motorcycle model.

The new Street Twin model of the British brand Triumph has returned with a higher level of customization, and a more refined style that encourages a dynamic feeling while driving. We will focus on the features and standards of Triumph Street Twin seats.


Features of the Triumph Street Twin backrest

There is a wide variety of backrests that can be acquired with both a universal measure and a custom size for each specific model. The Triumph motorcycles are characterized by their versatility and adaptation to change, so customizing the triumph Street Twin seat with a backrest can be a great option to highlight the personality of the motorcycle. This part, especially in the Modern Classics style motorcycles, will allow us to enhance the style of the motorcycle by choosing from the color of the stitching to the skin tone of the seat, making this one of the most colorful elements. The backrests are Triumph street twin parts  that, due to their relevance, have a great elaboration and the materials are usually water resistant, breathable and easy to wash.



#29 COMEBACK, a Triumph Street Twin customized by Tamarit Motorcycles ?


Before making the decision to buy one or the other, we must consider three fundamental pillars: security, comfort and performance. This part of the motorcycle must have a careful design and be manufactured with quality materials. Both the Triumph Street Twin backrest and the rest of the universal backrests are usually made of chromed steel and have a leather-lined padding, whose inner part can be of different types of fiber. This part serves as support for the second passenger and is installed in the rear area of the fender, where it must be fully integrated into the motorcycle.

Like all the triumph street twin accessories or parts that we include in our motorcycle, the backrests must be homologated and for this they must follow a series of requirements that include the manufacturing materials, the type of support, the inclination, etc. Another of the specifications in which to look is the height of the backrest, for depending on the length of the support bars we will obtain different heights – and we can even opt for some backrest models that will allow us to adjust the height according to the needs of the companion.