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The exhausts are an essential Triumph part for the proper functioning of the motorcycle. Their purpose is to divert the gases produced by the combustion of the engine to the outside and, in addition, will help improve the performance of the motorcycle. But it is not only a purely mechanical part, but also an aesthetic element that can define the style of a Triumph motorcycle.

And if we talk about the English brand, the Modern Classics range plays a fundamental role as a representative of the retro style they offer to all audiences. Within this classic variety, we find the new generation liquid-cooled Triumph Street Twin.


Types of Triumph Street Twin exhausts

The exhausts are divided into two categories: bolt-on and slip-on. The main difference between the two types is that the slip-on are connected to the collector through a part called an elbow, unlike the bolt-on that are directly attached. The materials used in the manufacture of the Triumph Street Twin exhausts directly influence the behavior of the part and its performance. But it is not only important the materials of the exhaust but of all the parts that are around it. The anchor points or clamps must be made of the same materials, or at least ones that adapts to the temperature conditions in which the exhaust will operate.



# 29 COMEBACK, a Triumph Street Twin modified by Tamarit Motorcycles ?


Odin Triumph Street Twin Exhausts

Exhausts are one of the parts most susceptible to change during Tamarit projects, as they provide a differential personality while ensuring good performance on motorcycles. Another characteristic of the Triumph Street Twin exhausts is that they are responsible for controlling the amount of noise that comes out of the motorcycle.

The Odin Triumph Street Twin exhausts, manufactured by the Tamarit team, are designed to fit perfectly with the characteristics of the Triumph Street Twin. They are 45cm long and 7-10cm in diameter, making them compatible with Street Twin and Street Twin CUP models, both new generation.


Triumph Street Twin Exhaust


These Triumph Street Twin exhausts, like the rest of the parts in our catalog, are made one by one with the best materials. In this case, the “Odín” exhausts are made of stainless steel and aluminum. The combination of these materials offer greater resistance to shocks while giving lightness to the bike and facilitating heat dispersion, thus improving power and speed performance.

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