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The Scrambler concept is always preferred by those who prefer a comfortable motorcycle above all, either to ride pleasantly in the city, or to go cross country with hardly any tousled motorcycle or rider. Part of that comfort comes from the position of the scrambler handlebar, which, unlike the semi-handlebars (which propose a much more inclined position against the tank), make the rider go much more erect and with a straight back, supporting and better distributing the potholes of potholes and irregularities of the terrain through which it circulates.

Like the height of the motorcycle, the Scrambler handlebar influences both the aesthetics and the way of riding the motorcycle and forms part, along with the Triumph Scrambler exhaust pipes installed in a high area, of the Scrambler concept itself.




In the case of the Scrambler style, it should be mentioned that the diameter of the handlebars when mounting is significantly less than that of its range sisters, instead of 25mm, these handlebars are 22mm, which is something to keep in mind. account in case you want to equip additions to the bike like the one we will see next.


How to raise a Scrambler Handlebar

At the disposal of all customers with any type of motorcycle are the LSL brand turrets, which, in order to better adapt the motorcycle to riders of all heights, raise the entire Scrambler handlebar a few centimeters and make it easier to drive.


Best Scrambler Handlebars: Biltwell

The Biltwell brand has been an expert for a long time in manufacturing the best handlebars in terms of quality-price, especially the Biltwell Tracker and the Biltwell Moto that you will find for sale on our website.




Best Scrambler Handlebars: Renthal Jimmy Button

The well-known Renthal factory is one of the leading brands when it comes to handlebars, not only for motorcycles, but also for bicycles. Its double bar system, causing great durability and rigidity, as well as the just and necessary flexing of the handlebars, has been the culprit that has long seen many of the handlebars of off-road motorcycles at the competition or user level.

Specifically, the Scrambler Renthal Jimmy Button handlebar is the one that from Tamarit we always recommend to include in modifications of off-road motorcycles, either at the user level at home or in large complete transformations. 

If you want to know more about this type of products, you can always visit our huge shop collection of Triumph Scrambler parts in our web.


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