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When Triumph released the new generation of Thruxton, more powerful and sporty, we knew that a Triumph Thruxton R Café Racer seat would be a great piece to develop in our catalog. However, we couldn’t have imagined it would give us and our customers so many headaches. Several mistakes were made in the manufacturing of the mold for this piece, and those tiny errors led to much bigger problems once the seat reached our customers. Fortunately, these issues are more than resolved and the Tamarit Monaco Café Racer Seat has become the best-selling seat to date.

Triumph Thruxton R Seat

The Thruxton R Café Racer seat known as Monaco is a seat clearly inspired by classic design, which incorporates sporty lines to perfectly complement the rest of the new and powerful liquid-cooled Thruxton range. It’s made from strong, high-quality fiberglass, and the seat itself is durable polyurethane covered with nautical fabric, available in brown or black. To provide the best service to our customers, this seat can be painted in the exact color of your Triumph Thruxton and would take around 15 working days to be shipped.


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4_Monaco-cliente_Steve de Decker-min-min


Thruxton 1200 Caferacer Seat

With this new Triumph Thruxton R seat, the perfect balance between classic and sporty, stylish and aggressive was sought. Its lines needed enough personality to stand out from the rest of the seats that were beginning to proliferate everywhere, yet it had to be a design not too pretentious and significantly reduce its reach.

As complaints started to arrive at Tamarit’s offices, the painful decision was made to withdraw the piece from our online store to try to avoid the hemorrhage of situations with dissatisfied customers, and it could not be put back on sale until these errors were corrected. There was a moment when it was thought that the error appeared by differing a few millimeters the chassis anchors from the Triumph Thruxton 1200 to the Triumph Thruxton 1200R.

However, after some calls to Triumph’s central technical department in Madrid, we were assured that the chassis of the 1200 and the Thruxton 1200R were exactly the same, and that such misalignment errors from one motorcycle to another were unlikely to appear. It was therefore necessary to find someone who could lend us a new generation Thruxton for an indefinite period in our workshop, so that we could meticulously create a new mold with perfectly aligned anchors from scratch for this Triumph Thruxton R 1200 seat. Unfortunately, such a generous donation would not come until some time later, unlike when the first mold was made, as we had the Thruxtons that would later become our twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth projects: Babieca and Sombra. 


Café Racer Seat. Easy installation

Asiento Thruxton monaco-explicacion-min (2)

The Thruxton R Café Racer seat is installed practically the same as the original stock seat. First, the stock seat must be removed using the ignition key, then the Monaco is positioned first by the tab at the front and then snapped into place with the rear tab and anchor.