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The English brand Triumph surprised us in 2019 with the update of its Street Twin model. But before knowing Triumph Street Twin maximum speed, let’s discover some of the features that this latest version brings and that completely modifies the capacity, electronics and other components.

In addition, it is still an option to be considered by all those motorists with an A2 license who want to enter this new world of the British brand.


Triumph Street Twin 2019 maximum speed and features

This motorcycle range continues to maintain the same design that has led it to be a benchmark within its sector, although it improves markedly in some fundamental aspects that will delight fans of it. The first most notable feature (and juicy) is the increase in power. If you are wondering: has Triumph Street Twin maximum speed improved? The answer is yes, obviously within what this range of motorcycles allows since it is not a motorcycle dedicated to the competition but for comfortable driving within the legal speed parameters. Of course, the power of this latest version is more than enough for normal use and even for a little more.




In the 2019 version, the 900 cc twin-cylinder engine increases its power and reaches a maximum of 65 hp at 7,500 rpm and an 80Nm torque at 3,800 rpm. Despite the capacity, we must look at the increase in torque, which together with the rest of the improvements manages to provide the motorcycle with better acceleration and greater maximum speed.

Another feature of this Triumph bike, is the improvement in electronics and driving modes. In this case, we find two driving modes: road and rain. These modes will help us to adapt our motorcycle to the conditions and needs we have at all times. In addition, among the novelties we find the traction control and the assisted anti-rebound.




When we talk about the Triumph Street Twin maximum speed, we are talking about reaching 112-124 mph without any problem but it can be very uncomfortable when riding and, in some roads, illegal. Therefore, we want to clarify that you must always respect the speed limits established in each section and ride safely. For the normal use of the motorcycle, the power that this latest version gives us is more than enough to enjoy the route we make with it.

In addition, as we have already mentioned at the beginning, the Street Twin is still available in its 35 Kw limited version, which makes it totally suitable for the A2 license.

If you want to know all the novelties that hide behind the latest version of this motorcycle, you can continue to expand knowledge in the 2019 Triumph Street Twin test.


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