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One of the biggest nightmares for any rider is to be caught by a whirlwind of mechanical and electrical failures during the first months, when the illusion to enjoy it is at its peak. Even when covered by the guarantee, the endless visits to the workshops and dealers are not a pleasant experience.


Reliability of the Triumph: An Overview

Despite certain specific problems in some runs, such as the alternator of the Street 675 2012 model (we refer Street Triple R models, not about Street Scrambler or Street Twin Triumph), which was quickly remedied, the reliability of the Triumph motorcycles is widely recognized among the motorcycle community, which equates them in confidence in the poker of Japanese brands (Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki), and do not hesitate to place it at the head of European brands in this regard.

In addition, the Triumph bikes facilitate a motorcycle maintenance at home (such as checking the crankcase oil, greasing the bolts…) shortly after the user has basic mechanical concepts. Although, of course, revisions are still mandatory every few kilometers, as on any motorcycle.




Usually they abound in the forums (and coincides with our professional experience over the years) who report not having suffered a single breakdown reached the famous barrier of 100,000 kilometers, or failures that do not go beyond cosmetics and / or are often still covered by the warranty.


Patience, mother of all precautions

All in all, keep in mind that poor motorcycle care, whether in maintenance or driving, or pure bad luck can always cause some setback. As it is said vulgarly: sh*t happens!




Precisely, because of this, some cautious bikers and with a lot of self-control advise always waiting a year since the launch of a new model, not with the specific case of Triumph but with every new wedge of motorcycles in general.


An aspect to improve

As a counterpoint, Triumph users in Spain miss more concessionaires and a plus in the after-sales service in case of any doubts or eventualities that may arise after buying it. Although they are usually happy, they would like more. There is never enough Triumph!




If you are thinking of getting some Triumph classics to customize it (in which case we advise you to buy first-hand, since it is better to have a certain rodage), at Tamarit our experts track the second-hand market to fish for the best units to then be reviewed by our team of mechanics, who ensure their reliability before starting the customization project.


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