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Acquiring a motorcycle is an important step in each one’s life. It may sound exaggerated, but the truth is that, be the first one you have or looking for a new travel companion for the next few years, our motorcycle will be a faithful reflection of our personality that accompanies us everywhere. We will use it to go to work, to take a ride through the city, to enjoy an occasional weekend with nice weather…




Motorcycle brands there are almost as many as you can imagine. However, only a dozen of them have managed to stay over time, for decades, in the top of motorcycle manufacturers, designing and producing models with which to delight the lovers of these vehicles on two wheels that we like so much.

On this occasion, we are going to break down six reasons why you should get a bike of the Triumph brand, with whose engines for the modern classics we work at Tamarit Motorcycles, and therefore we know very well.


Reasons to buy a Triumph: 1. Resurrect from Modern Classics motorcycles

The resurgence of the classic motorcycles that took place at the beginning of the 21st century (and with them the lifestyle linked to the British Café Racer of the 50s) marked the return of the Triumph Bonneville, specifically the Bonneville 900, one of the great flags of this movement that continues to reap followers throughout the world.

Thus, Triumph joined his legendary Bonneville model with the famous Café Racer style, inaugurating a new era of modern classics. Bonneville Café Racer represents the essence of the classic adapted to the modern, appetizing for young people and a delight for old rockers who know how to recognize the good at the first glance.


opiniones triumph


Currently, in addition to the Bonneville, the Triumph Modern Classics comprise the ThruxtonScrambler or Street Twin families. This kind of bikes are iconic for the brand, but it is not just that. In recent years, the Tiger, Daytona Moto2 models (based on the Daytona chassis and the engine of which it is the exclusive supplier for the Moto2 World Championship) and Street Triple among others also stand out.


Reasons to buy a Triumph: 2. Adapted to the new times

It is true that Triumph is granted by its great history, whose origin dates back to the end of the 19th century, during the Second Industrial Revolution. Before its re-foundation, carried out in 1984, the Triumph (and especially the Bonneville) were already recognized motorcycles worldwide, daily ridden, in the 50s and 60s, by such illustrious characters as James Dean or Bob Dylan respectively.

However, only this would not explain the great moment enjoyed by the English brand, in full international expansion and with greater visibility than ever. A great story can become an awkward burden if you rely too much on it.



One of the points that the bikers agree to point out about the Triumph in general is their ability to adapt to the new times above their competitors, being able to offer classic-cut but modernly engineered bikes, adding cutting-edge mechanical and electronic functionalities to be up to date in each area, without losing its essence. It took a long time since that already endearing first Bonneville, which began to be manufactured in 1959.


Reasons to buy a Triumph: 3. Balanced and reliable

Each family and model with its particular characteristics, the Triumph motorcycles in general are seen by the motorcycle community as motorcycles that maintain a great balance between average consumption, speed, comfort, good sound and robustness of body and fittings and prolonged manufacturing lines, as well as an unbeatable style and posture on the bike.


opiniones triumph


On the other hand, and this is a key point, the Triumph bikes can be compared in terms of reliability to the four major Japanese brands, possibly being the western brand that obtains greater confidence in this regard from the riders.

In addition, beyond the quantifiable specs, the owners of a Triumph motorcycle are the most satisfied in the world. We do not say it, but a survey conducted in 2018 among almost a thousand Australian bikers, who when questioned about comfort, style, handling, quality / price, dealer service, general satisfaction and technology, chose Triumph as the best option after having also done it the previous year.


Reasons to buy a Triumph: 4. Maximum manufacturing control despite its international expansion

With a growing demand for motorcycles in Thailand, and with the aim of being able to stay competitive in the manufacturing process (85% of their sales come from outside the UK, according to Steve Sargent, CPO of Triumph Motorcycle Ltd., in an interview granted in 2017), the brand opened a production plant in the eastern country, the first outside the country of origin of Triumph, the United Kingdom. Currently, Triumph has six manufacturing plants throughout the world, of which three are in Thailand, where it has fully equipped facilities for the painting and assembly of motorcycles, one in Brazil and the remaining two in their place of origin from the re-foundation, Henckley, where they own the center of design, prototypes, engineering and production of their models. All of them are the sole property of the British brand and are perfectly integrated into the gear of the company.


Reasons to buy a Triumph: 5. Keep getting new audiences

In addition to satisfying the most demanding customers and always looking for the best electronic, mechanical and aesthetic features, Triumph has managed to reach a younger audience and often with more limited resources with its low-cost ranges, offering excellent quality models for under the psychological barrier of € 10,000. For example, the Street Twin, a non-negotiable quality modern classic, can be purchased in various colors and in its basic configuration for around € 9,500.


opiniones triumph - street twin


Reasons to buy a Triumph: 6. Customization

Finally, we come to the great reward offered by the Modern Classic Triumph: its ease to allow generous bike makeovers that make each motorcycle an exclusive piece, a live personification of its owner (or an extension of it, if preferred) on the road. In Tamarit we have carried out, since 2013 and in our workshop in Elche, Spain, more than 60 Triumph Custom projects for clients from all over the world, and we have put at your disposal an integrated motorcycle customizator for you to check for yourself the versatility of these motorcycles, which combine perfectly with our parts.


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