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The art of handcrafting has been always highly considered in Tamarit Motorcycles, not only because is actually present in a bunch of the Plug and play parts that we have on sale on our website, but also because we are somehow able to leave our print on every product, a personal mark that wouldn’t exist if the part would have been made by a machine on it’s entirety.

One of those handcraft sides is clearly reflected on the printing and typography world, being a huge part of the legacy of the old times the banners, prints and posters of that age, rather easier to preserve than other elements that would otherwise disappear.


That being said, the figure of Toni Agustí appears, Toni is the head manager of CREU Studio, a hand-made typography enthusiast who Tamarit asked to perform a live printing session without any machine. Toni was an acquaintance of Tamarit Motorcycles and the live printing sessión was an idea that was lingering for some time, mixing the old style of printing with the modern classics motorcycles sounded like a plan.


So be it, just like a live music gig, that collaboration was organised like an event in our showroom, where Toni would print right there several banners designed for the occasion. In the meantime, he would explain carefully all the steps and asking any question that someone from the attendance would have, since people in general used to think that the world of printing is formed by several odd or complex process. Nothing better than a live printing to show that there wasn’t that much mystery about and as tons of things, it’s only a matter obbllkdjf practice and dedication.

Among all the banners that were crafted during the session, our favourite is the one that features one of our projects, the motorcycle nicknamned as Superstar, banner nowadays part of our office decoration.



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