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When customizing a motorcycle lots of important decisions have to be taken. The style that is wanted to achieve, the way to approach the project, which pieces should be used and many questions related to the modification constantly come to mind throughout the process.

Maybe we are not completely sure of every detail or the final design we want for the bike. It is possible that the only thing we are sure of is the fact that we want to make some kind of change. In situations like these, describing to another person what you really want to do can be tricky. On the other hand, if we have a thousand ideas for our motorcycle, translating all those ideas into something coherent can also be very difficult.

The main objective of a Triumph configurator is to make a first approach to the project, clarify the ideas and see how the final result for each decision would look. This tool allows you to see in real time all the decisions taken when modifying a motorcycle. These big changes can be made instantly and if we don’t like something, just a click of the mouse is enough to undo it.

It is very common not to know where to start, a project of this importance deserves careful consideration of every detail. The web motorcycle configurator is a good first step to think about the type of project you want to carry out.

Being able to capture all those ideas that we have in mind is an incomparable help when it comes to carrying out a project that is intended to modify a motorcycle, without having to enter into the commitment that a modification in the workshop means and how difficult it can be to undo those modifications.


Triumph Tamarit Configurator

At Tamarit we bring a new Triumph customizer to be able to customize the best Triumph bikes with our exclusive parts. This new section of the website arrives to see in real time how the final configuration of the bike would look with the Tamarit parts. In this way, it is possible to see if that piece that we like so much actually works well in conjunction with the overall aesthetic that is intended to be achieved.

In a first step, when opening the Triumph bike customizer, you must select the motorcycle model that is intended to be used as the basis of the project, among the options are the Triumph Bonneville, the Triumph Street Twin, the Triumph Thruxton 1200 and the Thruxton R. Once the model is selected, you can now choose the body color among the six available colors, and you can go from matt black to glossy black.




After having chosen the color, the next step would be to start adding the parts that most appeal to us to complete the bike’s look. The pieces are selected starting at the rear of the bike until reaching the front. Even the smallest elements can be selected to achieve the aesthetics that we like the most, taking care of every detail. Once the pieces have been selected, you can see the complete design as a whole. One of the best features of this tool is that you can modify each decision instantly and as many times as necessary to achieve the desired style.


Triumph Configurator

With the Triumph configurator, the motorcycle can be personalized with more than 150 pieces that Tamarit has. Pieces designed exclusively for the most popular Triumph models, always with the aesthetics of the renowned British brand in mind, but without neglecting comfort and quality. 

All Triumph bikes have an indisputable British style, each of their projects has paid tribute to the history and origin of the brand, always aiming to incorporate new technologies that adapt to the time and needs of each biker.


Thruxton R Configurator

Customize your Thruxton R motorcycle on the web. Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite models, not only because it is a motorcycle with fantastic features, but also because it is a great base for modifications.

The bike that is described as “authentic” and the “ultimate café racer” has features that cannot be overlooked. Qualities such as its 1,200 cc engine that gives it power, handling and agility, finishes of great detail and quality, and a café racer story that breaks all kinds of records. All these characteristics allow us to say, without fear of being wrong, that this motorcycle already comes from origin with a lot of style and that it only needs to be given that special touch that the rider gives it.

The good thing about a Thruxton R motorcycle customizator based on such a high-end base motorcycle, is that its style and quality allows a project that focuses entirely on customization that most characterizes each client. In this way, you should not be aware of problems that may arise with another type of base motorcycle.

The range of accessories designed for this model is very wide and varied. The combination of parts and the personal touch of each driver, allows to go from the original model to a personalized modification in a very simple way.




Triumph Bonneville Configurator

The Triumph Bonneville is possibly to date the most popular motorcycle among our customers. A motorcycle that, thanks to its versatility, allows a large number of modifications. Undoubtedly, each of the projects we have carried out so far have made us appreciate this bike more.

This model, which is part of the Modern Classic by Triumph, presents a wide variety of motorcycles with already historic features, sporting successes and a style that evolves hand in hand with the aesthetic changes of the time.

There are many options and combinations of Triumph Bonneville motorcycle configurator that can be made to achieve the aesthetics and functionality that are most desired. Being one of the most popular models we have been able to see a wide variety of visions and the end result is always amazing. The Bonneville cafe racer is undoubtedly the most recurring, but that does not mean that they cannot be seen as Dirt Track, Brat Style or Scrambler. Being such a versatile motorcycle it is possible to create the most transgressive and original styles.


yunque2b-triumph-bonneville t120-min


Street Twin Configurator

The newest range of Triumph, the Street Twin, has been a best seller and has also proven to be a great base for modifications. This shows once again that it is possible to achieve the style that best suits the personal tastes of each client.

Its great success is due not only to the great confidence and quality that carries the Triumph name, but also to the fact that it is one of the lowest priced models on the market without neglecting incredible features, style and comfort.

Despite being a motorcycle that came onto the market very recently, it is a very affordable and versatile motorcycle. The modification project that we have carried out on this basis has turned out to be an extremely satisfactory project.




This new generation of Modern Classics has a timeless style and as indicated on the same official page, it has advanced technology and a higher level of customization. In this way, Street Twin drivers can take this model one step further.


Configure your motorcycle with Tamarit parts

The parts that can be selected in the new Triumph configurator on the web, which are available for these three models, are very easy to install. Being designed with the Triumph models in mind, all parts are “Plug and Play”, that is, quick and easy to assemble. It is not necessary to cut, weld or make any other type of permanent modification to the motorcycle to place one of these parts.

If you still do not understand much with this assembly, in the description of each of the pieces there is a section that indicates the level of difficulty (going from easy, medium to high) and another section that indicates the tools needed for its placement. In addition, in the tab of each piece you can also see sections indicating the placement mode, the available colors, the compatibility with the motorcycles and the basic characteristics.

The most popular pieces so far are the range of keels and cover, as well as oval bibs that can be customized to suit each person.

One of the available belly pans is “The Tamarit belly pan” which measures 40x25x25cm and can be mounted on the three models mentioned above. The piece is made of fiberglass, aluminum and stainless steel and can be ordered in seven colors.

On the other hand, one of the available cover covers is the “Yunque sump guard” which is also compatible with all three models, and is very easy to mount, since it uses the same anchors as the factory models. Both ranges provide a different touch to the overall style of the bike.

In the case of custom side covers there are two options. The first is the Triumph Oval bib that is compatible with older generation models. It is made of fiberglass and has a size of 30 × 23cm. The second option is for the models manufactured from 2016, it is the Dalua custom bib, which has very similar measurements to the previous one (30 × 22cm).

As mentioned above, the bib can be customized. Once you decide on this piece, you just have to send an email indicating the number and color you prefer, as well as which side of the bike you prefer to place the bib. Then different designs will be sent to you so that you can choose the one that best suits your idea.

When you have any doubts or inspirational block, you can always see the catalog of Triumph motorcycles customized so far to find inspiration. Who knows? Perhaps we will see a combination of pieces that we would not have even taken into account to create a traditional Cafe Racer or a daring Dirt Track.


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