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In the exclusive modification projects that Tamarit Motorcycles carries out on the modern cafe racer motorcycles of its customers, we consider that everything has to be in harmony with the style or concept of the motorcycle that you want to achieve. It is true that such harmony is difficult to find in more radical and transgressive projects that we have presented, but usually we always like to follow the guidelines of our clients, who almost always decide to follow a uniform line within a style.

The style that our clients like the most (and make no mistake, ours too) is the already immortal Café Racer, which has been developed from the 50s to the present day with a series of totally unmistakable features and characteristics.


Cafe Racer tires

For a long time Tamarit Motorcycles wanted to find the perfect cafe racer tire, the one that would be functional enough for today’s safe driving, and yet still have some packaging and a purely classic look. It is true that technology has advanced in a gigantic way in recent years and that today there are a wide variety of state-of-the-art tires loaded with properties and characteristics of performance and safety, but we will always have the thorn of seeing how they did not just marry with a motorcycle whose parts are totally classic. To get the total set of the café racer motorcycle, this essence must be met from the headlight to the exhausts, curating every single one of our vintage triumph motorcycle parts.




Cafe Racer tires

There have been many types of classic motorcycle tires with which Tamarit Motorcycles has worked on its cafe racer motorcycle projects, but until now it has not been possible to capture the true essence of cafe racer. Yes it is true that leading brands of cafe racer tires such as Continental, Heidenau or Metzeler provide great high performance products, now there are better options on the market aesthetically speaking.





Cafe racer motorcycle tires

Imported from the United States, the Victory Classic is in our opinion a perfect classic cafe racer tire, for maintaining aesthetics and also for its imposing appearance with a thick profile. Large-scale projects from the last era, which have had a great impact on social networks and specialized media such as the stylish Blimburn, the brilliant Ruby or the indomitable Speedster, have seen how their appearances have been completed with these purely classic tires.

Among all the pieces that these projects carried, the cafe racer tires have always been the ones that most people have asked us about or commented on. Without a doubt, for a café racer motorcycles project, the tires are a very important part to consider.


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