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The rear view mirrors have been one of the most modifiable and identifiable motorcycle accessories according to the style of all those that are put on a certain type of motorcycle. Being easy to modify and, above all, affordable items, makes people start with them as a first step to give a personal touch to their motorcycle. It also helps the wide variety of mirrors on the market today and the fact that they are universal pieces in which you only have to tighten a thread in most cases. You can check the options we offer right on our Triumph parts section.





Cafe racer motorcycle mirrors

The Café Racer has always been one of the predominant styles in modifiable bikes and as evident as it is, it has a series of elements with specific aesthetics associated with this particular style. Although the line that separates the term from a Triumph classic motorcycle and motorcycle cafe racer can be in many cases ambiguous or diffuse, the term cafe racer rear-view mirror is usually associated in a common way with the circular and small-sized rear-view mirror, usually being hooked on the ends of the motorcycle handlebars.



This type of cafe racer mirrors, with an unmistakable aesthetics, are usually related to retro aesthetics and there are numerous brands and models that these café racer mirrors fit as a ring to the finger. From the muscular and compact Ducati Monster to the already well-known Triumph Street Twin, there is a large list of motorcycles that are nourished by this classic aesthetic, thanks to the distinctive element of the cafe racer mirrors at the end of the handlebars.


Cafe Racer rear view mirrors

Not all the rear-view mirrors have the conformity of the different regulatory bodies of the parts, either due to their size, design or because these organizations consider that they are not safe to drive. To be sure that none of these cafe racer mirrors will give us problems in the face of a hypothetical and future revision at the local inspection office, we have to make sure that the mirrors are certified and homologated, especially if we are in European territory , which is where the rules and restrictions abound. If we find ourselves in other territories more given to modifications or more exotic, these barriers and certificates would not exist.

The cafe racer mirrors available at Tamarit Motorcycles are those already mentioned on the handlebar end, either with end hitch or universal clamp, or the simple ones than can be hooked in the usual place of the mirrors, but preserving the aesthetics and shapes of the style.


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